Age 17 – I’m driven – I think about the future now, More energy & focus, I don’t perceive women as sexual objects


I had always wondered why my brother had been so successful. He was nice, good looking, intelligent, everything I wanted to be. Instead of trying to better myself, I resorted to using more and more PMO. I never could look at girls in the eye and talking to them was out of the questions. I would just fantasize about all the things I would do to them in bed.

Let’s rewind to 1.5 years before. I had started using porn when I was 12 or 13 years old. Then it escalated from there. Looking back, I realized I was a pussy back then. I was weak and not confident.

I realize now that I never looked at a girl or women in the face. I either looked at their boobs or their butts but never their face. I would always blame other people for my failures.

I did workout while I was PMOing but right after I would hop on my iPad and surf the net for more porn (No wonder the workouts never worked). My grades, for some reason, didn’t go down the drain because the only thing I would do in class was wonder what things I would search for my PMO session that day. I was an outcast, passive little bi*ch.

I don’t know how I stumbled onto NoFap, but thank god I did. My first streak, which lasted 112 days wasn’t really great. While I was abstaining from PMO, I wasn’t really doing much of anything else. I edged during that streak and decided to end it and start a new one.

On my current streak, I’m see way more benefits. Benefits include: I’m driven. I think about the future now. Even though I’m doing pretty well in high school, my parents used to push me all the time. Now on my streak, I’ve decided to push myself and pave my own path. I don’t perceive women as sexual objects. Before, I used to have fantasies of me having sex with many of my class mates because of their bodies. But now I just see them as people. The fantasies still come and go but I handle the urges

Eye contact!!!! I do this on regular basis, and I don’t waver or look away. When I talk I look them straight in the eye instead of look away. Also I don’t ogle women anymore. You really learn more about a girl when you’re not looking at her boobs or ass.

More energy, more focused I started to work out. Helps relieve the stress of the day. I realized that porn is useless. Some days it absolutely disgusts me.

Read way more books. Clear face. Starting to take cold showers. Although there extremely cold, they did really improve my skin and made me extremely alert. I’ve had so many wet dreams, it’s not even funny. I’ve had about 5 on my streak… My hair loss is reversing, when I was PMOing I was noticing my hair thinning from the sides.

My IDGAF attitude allows me to shrug off rude comments, unlike when I was PMOing I would usually take those to heart and get depressed leading to more porn.

Got back in touch with my spiritual roots Cold showers === WAY better immune system. When I was PMOing I had a runny and stuff nose for literally months a t a time.

More self control. I don’t plan to PMO any longer. I will embrace the urges and make my self the best man I can possibly be.



And whatever you do, keep hope alive!

LINK – My Story (58 days in)

by redditgod16