Age 17 – Insane confidence, gaining muscle is easy, lower voice

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Hell yeah, the benefits are real. My favorite benefits are:

  1. Gaining muscle is extremely easy; every workout I’m increasing reps and/or weight.

  2. Lower voice (may be placebo)

  3. Insane confidence. If I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep and nutrition, I’m on fire.

Also, I can feel emotions, for once. Before, I was numb to any sort of situation that would make others emotional. Now, if I watch an emotional and motivational YouTube video, I can feel myself about to cry.

It’s great to feel human; alive.

17 years old. It becomes very easy once you stop chilling with your hands in your pants. I rarely think about fapping anymore.

Fapped two times, but resisted urge to fap a third time, because I thought of this community…while dreaming.

Awakening and realizing I didn’t break my streak was euphoric, to say the least.

102 days. Love you guys.

LINK – Consciously resisted urge to fap in dream

by Mrkvn8