Age 17 – Looking women in the eye feels better than the aftermath of PMO ever did


I’m at a loss of words, I’m so proud of myself for getting this far. The everyday life that once was depressive and colorless is now full of constant happiness and little things. Lots of [benefits] such as mastering small talk, social anxiety disappeared so I can be comfortable anywhere and with anyone,

being able to concentrate better with studying for example, more social and better care for hygiene, eating healthier, list goes on. [Better thinking] was one of my first benefits I ever had.

Well these benefits don’t come with NoFap alone but I’d say it leads to 75% of it. What made me start NoFap was me being super awkward with girls, depression and me becoming unsocial and sad everyday. Felt like I was isolating and when I found out what might be causing it, I immediately hopped on this train. I only managed to get multiple 5-23 day streaks at first.

I’ll be turning 18 just after a day when I hit 90 days.

I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to hit 90 days now. It has been a crazy journey and I’ll tell you all about it in 10 days.

[Pre-NoFap?] Hardly sleep at all, 6 hours a night if I was lucky, usually 4-5 hours IF I slept. Pulled all nighters weekly for absolutely no reason. Spent my days on my computer. Skipped school like every other day or days at time. PMO at least once a day. Was turning unsocial, only drinked with my buddies at weekends. List goes on

LINK – Day 80 – Speechless at this point

By fuckedupsinceakid