Age 17 – Lots of new female friends, more self love

90 fucking days… on my first try after founding this site. I’m pretty amazed but anyway.. time to tell ya fellas the story and benefits. I started fapping when i was 12 all the way to age 17.

I wasn’t aware of how bad fapping and porn was until I stumbled upon the sites of yourbrainonporn and some other site that I currently don’t remember the name of at the moment. I soon ended up finding this site and decided to make an account (I was already on a streak before I made my account btw).

The first week was the hardest like I literally had to sleep on my right hand to keep myself from doing the dirty. The first 30 days were cool but I didn’t really feel like different.

At the 60 day mark… well it’s been so long that I don’t even remember what I felt around that time so let’s fast forward to this awesome fucking moment. The benefits and I’m being 100% honest with these btw is that i went from having 1 or 2 female friends to having 10-15 female friends.

I’m currently “talking” to two girls at the same time but I might drop one of them (cuz she is such a bad texter and I can’t be bothered with that crap lol) and I might lose my virginity soon.

Some other benefits are

  • I’m more dominant in handling social situations and making new friends is easy as fuck. I have a shit ton of free time to better myself and I recently went to the library to check out How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie which is a good fucking book btw.
  • I’m also becoming more self reliant like I don’t need a wingman to help me pickup girls when I’m school (I’m a senior in high school btw) and my self-love is at its highest its ever been.
  • I learned that if you truly love yourself then you begin to stop giving a fuck about how people feel about you. I also learned life passes you by if u just sit there and not do anything to better or challenge yourself.

I’m never fapping ever again. That’s a thing of the past now and I’ll check in every once in awhile to post about my current streak to help motivate people. For those of you out here that are still relapsing… you have to get your fucking shit together cuz this shit isn’t easy. If you wanna quit for good, then you have to HATE the very idea of even watching porn or fapping.

Also reading the success forums helped me out TREMENDOUSLY. It reminded that i had a chance I beating this thing. I hope that whoever reads quits this shit for good cuz its worth it. It’s worth knowing that u never have to feel the guilt of having busted a nut on yourself ever again. I’m gone and salute to the MEN out there who have also beaten this and the guys that are working their asses off to beat this. Pressure makes diamonds people

LINK – 90 Days feedback

by DaleTipsUp