Age 17 – Loving my “new life”


So I started my journey after traveling to Spain for the first time ever and first time out of my own country. Something about the amazing people, the sun changed me for the better, I found this community and I have not looked back since and I love it. It was fun but now I am back in cold old Norway.

I was addicted to masturbating and porn, bad bad anxiety. I am 17 years old in a few days. I am starting to feel much better.

I also started learning basic Spanish using the Duolingo app which I am now into a solid 170 day streak in, it’s something about making yourself do something everyday that is very rewarding.

I have also started to workout for once, I have started running and even getting a gym membership soon, which I could never even think about before since I then was so awkward around others and I still am but to a less smaller extent and it’s awesome.

Loving my”new life.” Overall my life has benefitted over doing NoFap for sure, I wish you all the best of luck on this journey

LINK – 165 days in. My story

By Knutii