Age 17 – Mood swings, depression and anxiety gone – worth it!

Today is my 90th day of no fap and I couldn’t feel better! Before no fap I would go through constant mood swings and bouts of depression/anxiety. After about the half way mark began noticing that my life was becoming so much better and that I had little fear when talking to people!

After around 70 days I landed an amazing girl who I had a crush on for a long time! Now at 90 days I feel even better and can’t wait to continue! Throughout the 90 days I was tempted so many times and almost gave in.

I’m warning you though, it is so worth it to make the stretch! Not only do you benefit greatly but it gets so much easier! In the beginning I was constantly tempted and depressed but now I’m rarely ever tempted and view women in a whole new light!

No longer do I see them as sexual objects, now I see the beauty in all of them and really care about talking to them just like I enjoy talking to my guy friends! I really hope you can complete the challenge because it is so worth it!

[Additional comments] The journey is worth it 1000 times over!

I started it when I was 16 and turned 17 in the midst, I hadn’t been watching much porn, mainly just imagining things and looking at pictures along with the occasional porn, but about a year before I started no fap I sort of did the easy mode challenge on my own and stuck to it mostly. Funny story is that just from starting the easy mode I lost my v card, man I’ll tell Ya, this site really works

The first 20 days were rough as it was potentially worse than I was before. Before I started the challemge I just didn’t talk to girls and was to afraid to but during thoss first 20 days Id say I was more anxious to be around them and definately had constant urges and questioning if this worked! Trust me it does though!

LINK – 90 Day Report

by BibloShaddings