Age 17 – More effective, more motivated, more confident


I’m 17 and I began nofap because I was wasting a lot of time masturbating and watching porn and also I had this constant tiredness and demotivation which are gone now.

I cannot believe it’s already been 100 days since I started with nofap. After the initial struggle it hasn’t been too difficult and then benefits have been great there are 2 major ones that I have experienced. I haven’t suddenly begun to attract girls any more than I did before or gained the ability to fly. I think the major benefits I have gotten are realistic for everyone.

The first big benefit of joining nofap is something that anyone can notice immediately. This one would be having more time, obviously it varies from person to person how much more time you will have but I personally used to spend upwards of an hour a day looking at porn and masturbating so I’ve gained more than a hundred hours to my life by just quitting it. What you choose to do with this extra time is obviously completely up to you but I personally feel less stressed when there is more time to be effective in.

The second benefit is motivation, not having a trigger to release dopamine whenever you want really makes you more motivated to do something else for that dopamine, which your brain craves. For me personally this has lead to me starting to work out again after a long break, seeing the progress I’ve been making at the gym in turn boosts my confidence and makes me more confident when talking to potential mates or just friends.

Obviously there are a lot of smaller benefits which I could go on and on talking about like not being as tired etc. but I think these smaller benefits might be more subjective than the ones I previously mentioned and don’t want to waste too much of your time.

Thanks for reading and keep that streak going fellow fapstronauts – and if you are just starting out remember it gets easier 🙂

LINK – 100 day update

By Klappa69