Age 17 – More social, confident, & active. I’m seeing women’s true beauty

I started this when I was 16, in January 2015. I was fairly disturbed up to that point, fapping twice a day, sometimes more. I could only get off with pretty hardcore stuff.

I swear, at that point I could watch a woman naked and it wouldn’t had made me horny. At fucking 16 years old. But hey, I started anyways. Mostly encouraged by all the “superpowers” everyone talked about, I made my way through a lot of 3-day streaks, making it to some great 7-days ones. I slowly deattached myself from my old lifestyle. It didn’t feel particularly good, but that was expected. I had a lot more energy than usual. After this, starting around april, I could easily do 2-week streaks, which did wonders for my confidence, not to mention the brain fog. But then something kind of clicked on me. I couldn’t really put it into words but I guess I really understood that this went beyond not touching my dick to feel good after a few weeks, it was a thing I ultimately did for myself. To not be behind everyone at everything, to finally achieve what we all want, to feel better.

So I hit a 3-month streak. It felt like I was ahead of everyone. I’d walk down the street, see some ad with a woman being obejctified, and be disgusted by it. I looked at people in the eyes, noticed girls staring at me, felt like I was going to explode through the rooftop with energy. But of course I broke it. After that I was devastated. I couldn’t get anything going with NF, and would fap everyday. This went on for about a month. Then, somehow, I got motivated again. Something grew on me, that told me that I was better than that. And hell yes I was. I think I did a 1-month streak followed by a few week-long ones. This time though, I never felt any benefits. I mean yeah, the energy and the brain fog, as usual, but no extra confidence. No girls staring down at me. No feeling like a beast. This condensed into short lived streaks. Then it clicked on me, once again.

I was becoming too dependant on NoFap.

I was eagerly staring down at the counter, day after day, thinking that somehow it’d raise my autosteem. I was allowing myself to be lazy just for the fact that “when day 14 comes, you’ll magically stop being like this”. So, I made one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I got rid of all my counters. I didn’t know what day I was on. Then, suddendly, everything came back. The girls, the confidence, the beast feeling. But most important, the motivation came back. Also, by this time, I started browsing this subreddit less and less, as before I was entering here 4+ times a day. I maybe fapped 3 or 4 times between September and December. But about three weeks ago,something clicked on me stronger than ever.

None of these benefits had to do with NoFap. It had to do with me. Porn addiction was just one of the problems my 16 year old me had. It all started with that. Soon after kicking that habit, I stopped being skinny (gym), I started being good looking (well dressed and a good haircut), I started caring for myself (hygiene), I started getting good grades, started being interested in women, not in their bodies, stopped slouching around, talked to more people, got popular, made great friends, and the list goes on and on. So now I’ve come to the ultimate realisation: I’m done with NoFap. I kicked my addiction. It’s not NoFap and it’s magical powers. I made this. I made myself a great human being and I’m damn proud of it. Nowadays I barely have any interest in fapping, and when I do have some urges, I fap with no regrets. Because I know that I’m not going down again. Because, whatever happens, I know I ultimately have you guys to back me up. And that makes me feel as secure as I could possibly be.

It feels kind of sad closing this “chapter” of my life. I’d wake up everyday thinking about NoFap, and I’d go to sleep thinking about NoFap, and that was as bad as being a porn addict. For those of you wondering, I don’t feel any different after I fap. Masturbation is not bad, it just needs moderation. The thing is, the best way to get that, is by abstaining.

LINK – From a patheic addict to enlightenment: A 1-year journey through NoFap

by mggtbrn


TL;DR: The important bits will be bolded

Ok, where do I start? I am a 16 y/o guy and I discovered P at about 10 and M at 11. I’ve been since masturbating at least once a day. Sometimes 4 or 5. I never was someone without friends, but you couldn’t say I was the most popular guy either. I never kissed a girl, and just one girl showed interest on me before NoFap. So, first time I discovered this subreddit, I thought you were all nuts. But a few weeks later, my curiosity started to itch me. Were the superpowers real? Was there really a healthy limit for masturbating? Could I do it? So I started about 6 months ago. My first tries were pretty bad. Only 2 or 3 days. But slowly it became easier. It always does. I moved on to 6 or 7 days streaks, and after my first 2 week streak, everything changed. The trick to NoFap clicked on me. It’s not something you can put in words, you have to feel it. So I had a couple of 2 week streaks and started my longest one, this one. About 90 days. The benefits couldn’t be clearer. I became way more social, started going out every weekend. I made lots of new friends and I am now pretty known in my school (sounds kind of childish, I know). A few days ago a guy I didn’t know said my name. I asked him how he knew it and he literally said “dude, everyone around here knows who you are”. And the confidence, oh man, the confidence. Before NF I thought I was really ugly. Like, horrible, someone that wouldn’t be able to attract anyone, ever. But now I realize, I’m not ugly at all. I started to dress better and care more for my general looks and hygiene. My acne went away. I doubt this is because of NoFap alone, but this challenge made me start doing stuff I didn’t do before that helped a lot (put hair away from my face, stop touching it, change pillow often, etc). I also have a lot of willpower now, I force myself to do stuff I don’t want to do, like walk the dog or study. And now, the part that is the most interesting, girls:

They seem a lot more interested in me now. When I walk down the street, 6/10 girls of my age check me out, which is a lot compared to the 0/10 before NF. My girl friends hug me all the time now, and they look for me all the time. Also, some started complimenting me, for example, the other day I was wearing a scarf and a girl said “that looks beautiful on you”. Or, about two weeks ago, a female friend of mine said to me “you look a lot like a Disney prince”, which I assume is a good thing. And I really hit it with my crush. She searches me when we are talking in a group and she is not afraid to be alone with me. I still haven’t kissed a girl because I want to see what happens with my crush, but after I’m done with that, I can assure you I’ll have no trouble at all getting a nice girl. Also, they do sense when someone faps too much, and they hate it. The other day I was talking with one of my girl friends about a guy who is our friend and she said: “He is surely the kind of guy that goes home and the first thing he does is open 3 tabs with porn and masturbates his life away. That’s why no one of us (referring to the other girls) is interested in him even though he isn’t ugly.” Got me thinking a lot.

But, what is the difference between stopping M and stopping P? Well, I did my best to separate the two in this list:

Stopping Porn:

  • More free time
  • Less “sick” thoughts
  • Aroused more easily
  • Seeing women’s true beauty
  • More confidence

Stopping Masturbation:

  • More willpower
  • Possible solution to sexual problems like ED or Death Grip (not experienced by myself)
  • More confidence
  • Girls more attracted to you
  • (Possibly) better skin and hair
  • More active, both socially and physically

Benefits from cold showers:

  • High energy after one
  • Feeling like a beast after one
  • Better skin and hair (not that much though)
  • More resistent to cold temperatures

But I relapsed. Twice. A week ago and today. But you know what? I don’t feel any different. I don’t feel bad. It was a mistake, but we all make them. I could spare myself the first time, actually I didn’t reset the counter, but today marks the end of this streak. But also the start of a better one. If you’re a begginer looking for advice, this is the best I can offer you: It will get easier. The first times it will be very difficult, I know. But the more you resist it, the less you will feel the urges. The benefits are so worth it. So so worth it. Just hang on. So, here I go again, from day 1.

LINK – Extensive 90 days report

by mggtbrn