Age 17 – Much more energy, confidence & mental clarity, See girls as people, rather than objects

60 days ago there was no hope at all, just stringing one day of nothing onto the next, completely numb and no thought above basic tasks. But slowly as the days progressed I started to notice things changing.

So for the first few weeks it was a fight to resist the urges, then getting hit by flatline but even then wasn’t the hardest time for me that was when I got to about 4 weeks because my concentration started to waver, I almost forgot why I was doing it, and after one close relapse that snapped me right back on track.

So I’m at 60 days now and I feel so much better now. Well life is no longer shit, not much has changed but my outlook on life is so much more happy about life. But to be more specific. I have a mental clarity that I never knew was possible, much more confidence now not just with talking to people but just by going out and doing things, a lot more energy now which can be applied to almost everything, and I feel I noticed what real beauty is (at least from my view ) so I’m not just staring at girls as objects any more but I notice them as people. I feel like the porn urges are gone now although I know there’s still a risk.

So just a report thing at 60 days if anyone can take anything from this is that its gets better.

Stick with it people, I’ve learnt that life can get better

LINK – 60 days so whats new with life

by Global-Muncher