Age 17 – My confidence has increased massively and so has my self esteem

I started nofap at the beginning of the year after being given a talk about porn addiction at school. I researched it a bit and eventually decided to start nofap. I attempted so many streaks and relapsed a lot, heaps of 7-14 days streaks, a few over 3 weeks. The thing which helped me immensely was finding a proper reason for doing nofap, once you find a true reason for doing this then it becomes so much easier. Like someone once posted a while ago, 100% is a lot easier than 99%. Don’t look, don’t test yourself, don’t edge. When you do see something you can just appreciate it then move on, don’t let it linger in your mind or start having fantasies.

I’ve had a lot of benefits from nofap, my confidence has increased massively and so has my self esteem. I think the biggest thing about nofap is to view it as a stepping stone into a better life, it is not a free pass. You have to cultivate hobbies and try to better yourself if you want to see the biggest change.

Best of luck everyone 🙂

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by rainingrn