Age 17 – My gaming addiction no longer exists thanks to Nofap!

I’m 17 and have been into gaming since i was 11, around the same time I discovered PMO. I would literally spend all of the weekend in my room and every spare minute of my time gaming or fapping.

I was really confident around the age of 11, I remember being so loud in class, hanging around with the popular kids etc.

Around the age of 13/14 I started to become increasingly shy and nervous in social situations. I lost all of my ‘popular’ friends and turned into a real awkward person. It got to the point where I would go a whole 1 hour lesson and not say a single word. i was so nervous around these people, it made me feel so lonely.

I supplemented loneliness for PMO, after school and before bed I would fap, never because I was horny just because I ‘had to’. I gamed non-stop for all of these 6 years, mainly playing league of legends (spent over £300 on it).

Ever since I started Nofap I have been spending less and less time playing video games, now I don’t play any what so ever.

I’ve been on and off Nofap for about 6 months but I truly think this has healed me from wasting all of my time gaming. I feel more confident and ready to grab life by the balls and give everything my best shot.


LINK – My gaming addiction no longer exists thanks to Nofap!

by Theprimeone