Age 17 – My journey of self improvement has made me immensely happier


I reached 90! it took about eight months of trying for me to reach this point. It is absolutely amazing. My journey was filled with mood swings, depression, intense anger and most of all longing for that dopamine rush. After all of this I have changed my life completely

I read 2 – 3 books per week, have gained a lot of strength and fitness, fixed my diet, have become soo much happier but all of this is because nofap taught me how to control myself and my emotions. It’s given me passion for many new things that give me more joy than PMO ever has.

Not being able to be fulfilled by my screen I have departed on a journey of self improvement that has made me immensely happier.

Still on the search for those ladies though, there are some who are interested in me and I get a lot of looks but my life right now is more a single life than one that would fit a relationship.

Anyway I wish you all the best luck, realise that you are greater than PMO and if you can keep your hands off your cock, you can change your life.

[Why nofap?] I’m 17 and I was fucking a girl and couldn’t cum. Led me to realise I had a lot of the problems that guys on this forum talked about and learned about the negatives of PMO

LINK – 90: The great quest

By cddper