Age 17 – Never felt better and my outlook has changed so much. I am a completely different person now.


Today is day 90 hardcore no PMO for me. Never felt better and my outlook has changed so much. I am a completely different person now and I have made so much development and gained so much maturity mentally. I initially thought of this journey as a challenge and was always looking forward to the relapse I would have on day 90 and how great it would be. However I know now that there is so much more satisfaction from no PMO.

NoFap is not a challenge but a lifestyle change. I will maintain these habits and mindsets for life.

I have noticed extreme social benefits that will continue to get better. At 17 I’m still a kiss less virgin but I hope to find the right girl for a long term relationship. I am no longer a slave to sexual release I can control my urges. I don’t lust for sexual release anymore, not even with a partner – I think there are deeper expressions of love and mutual understanding in a relationship aside from just mating sex.

Anyways great progress so far and it will only get better from here. Good luck to everyone I promise it’s worth the effort, be honest with and respect yourself and remember. NoFap is way more satisfying than PMO your life and outlook will improve dramatically just keep going and don’t give in.

LINK – 90 days complete

by Mankrik


UPDATE – Day 180 Hard Mode

Today is day 180 of hardmode for me and I’m feeling really great. Everything in my life has really started to come together and I owe a lot of this success to the physical and psychological benefits of NoFap. Most notably I have gotten in shape, improved my grades in school and gotten accepted to university, and have a healthy view of women. I made myself a promise that my next voluntary sexual release will be with a real girl whom I love. That has always been my motivation for doing NoFap and self betterment in general. At first it was for the pursuit of just sex, and now it is for love. However this is the only thing that continues to elude me i.e sexual and emotional intimacy.

I feel as though the part of my journey involving a significant other is on the horizon and I am eagerly awaiting that experience. I feel a little down having tried and failed to make this happen in the past, but am staying optimistic about it. I know this is a brief post for such a big milestone; things seem kind of surreal right now.

Im going to keep doing what has gotten me this far and hopefully be able to cultivate a relationship soon. Future looks good. Keep not fapping… it will make you an immortal sex god unhindered by lust and temptation