Age 17 – No longer practice self-harm, Grades have skyrocketed, Better relationships

I hope I can give some wisdom to people who just began as to how to make it as far as I did. This is my first attempt at NoFap by the way.

This is my second post on the NoFap board, my first was when my badge was just a small yellow smiley. This is my first post:

Ok college_grandparent, how did you do it?

In all honesty, this subreddit is the make or break factor in your PMO addiction. How lucky can you be to have a plethora of knowledge on how to kick this nasty habit right in front of you 24/7. I attribute all of my success to this forum. When you don’t know how to manage your free time: look at NoFap. When you feel like you are going to relapse: look at NoFap. It is so easy to believe that you can do this own, but why should you? Over 100,000 people are here to help you succeed…USE THEM.

Personally, I have seen massive improvements.

  • I consistently practiced self-harm. I have not done so since I began the challenge.
  • I have a much better relationship with my parents.
  • My grades skyrocketed. I was accepted into college.
  • So many great things have happened to me since I have started and whether or not you believe NoFap is a placebo, the least you can do is try.

MY TIPS FOR NOT RELAPSING Obviously I have been hit by some urges throughout the past 50 days. I have avoided them in many ways.

  • Wrapping a cold towel around your member
  • Playing guitar (I started learning during the challenge!)
  • Reading
  • Anything but putting my hands in my pants.

HOW I WILL PROCEED I have to admit that I have not accomplished all of the goals I have set out for when beginning the challenge. The girl I referenced in my first post is still not speaking to me. I did salvage up the courage to write her a meaningful letter, but I am beginning to think it might not have been enough. C’est la vie. I am not proud of some of the edging I have done. I would like to eradicate it in the coming (lol) months. (I don’t consider edging relapsing because it is a victory to not finish when you are severely aroused.) I want to continue learning the guitar and try to get even better grades. Anyway, I hope this was remotely helpful.

Best of luck, CG

LINK – 50 days: Progress…

by college_grandparent