Age 17 – NoFap is Awesome! – Day 100, My Experience and Advice For You.

Hello Fapstronaut! First of all, I’d like to say that I don’t believe that every change I’ve had in the past 100 days was due to NoFap, some of it was due to my willingness to do so.

A little background info on myself: I’m 17, I’m Mexican (irrelevant, yeah I know :P) and I had fapped daily for years.

Day 1 – I found this subreddit after fapping, I had very low energy and motivation. Ever since I had started masturbating I noticed I kept on going downhill, so I decided to give NoFap a try, got started that same day and realized that I was going to need a replacement or a distraction. So I started developing 6 habits with the help of “the chain method” (pm me for the link, its awesome):

  • Taking cold showers daily
  • Brushing my teeth 3 times a day consistently
  • 15 minutes a day of learning to code with Python
  • Reading 15 pages of a book a day
  • Meditation – 5 minutes a day
  • Exercise 3 times a week

My habit cards today: (If you guys want I can give you the format I use for these, its printable)

Day 2-3 – Few minutes of fapping, without orgasm. Then I realized actually how nasty this habit is, I was determined to quit masturbating for good.

Day 40 – Reading helped me develop myself and my ideas, A LOT, so now I started reading one book per week. My confidence started skyrocketing around these days.

Day 50-60 – Oh man, these days. My urges were way too strong, cold showers helped for around half an hour then they would return, didn’t relapse anyways.

Day ~70 – Took up another habit, one Udemy lesson a day (any course of my choice)

Day 85 – Got my first formal job with good pay, yay!

Day 100 – I’m glad I made it this far without relapsing, I’m not meaning to brag. Its completely achievable for you, you can do it. Going cold turkey worked for me because I replaced NoFap with good habits that helped me take my mind off masturbating.

While going through this never-ending process called NoFap, I changed incredibly and will continue changing for the better. I’m now more confident in myself, smile more (this one’s big), laugh more, I’m more productive, get more noticed, etc. NOT ALL OF THIS IS THANKS TO NOFAP, NoFap isn’t magical, well, not very magical. You still have to put in effort from your part.

Advice to people that want to stop touching their dicks:

  • Find good habits. You don’t need to start with 6-7 habits like I did, I now realize that 6-7 is way too much when getting started.
  • Get a replacement. My replacement was developing good habits, yours could be playing the guitar or something else, idk. Just don’t sit all day playing Xbox please 😛
  • Realize how useless, selfish and gross this habit is. You’re literally touching yourself watching 2 people have sex (unless you’re into some weird shit, or other stuff involving more or less than 2 people), they don’t even know you exist; as bad as it sounds, its true.
  • Don’t beat yourself up (no pun intended) for masturbating, it has been portrayed as “healthy” or “normal” for way too long, most people fall into this trap so don’t feel bad for it.
  • You’re in control of your penis, not viceversa.

You can do it! Best of luck! 😀

LINK – NoFap is Awesome! – Day 100, My Experience and Advice For You.

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