Age 17 – Not getting bullied anymore, girls are attracted to me, insane energy


I used to get bullied at school all the time but people are now scared to me LOL. [It’s my] 3rd streak and im not relapsing never again. I’m 16. [Benefits?] im not lazy anymore, confidence, girls are more attracted to me. [Bags under my eyes] are almost gone 😀

Im 16 and i dream about having sex this girl we like each other maybe we are healing from pmo. yesterday we were flirting , touching hands in school when we were alone 1 time i will tell her that i like her 😀 and she smiles everytime when i see her and her face turns red

I was taking cold showers for 2 and a half months now but from last week i cant its 2 celsius here its impossible. i go to the gym everyday

insane energy, girls in school are touchy with me lol.  [Bags under my eyes] they are almost gone 😀 im here more organised about stuff i dont think about pmo anymore , music sounds so better and i have really good confidence .

5 seconds of pleasure vs Life opportunities U CHOOSE. probably i will never go back to pmo 😀

i live in australia 🙂

EARLIER POST: 75 days changes: girls are so much more attracted to me im serious girls smile at me at more , music sounds so much better , insane energy , my under eyes dark circles are gone , i can sleep for 30 mins and i have energy for the rest of the day 😀

i had that problem [social anxiety causing facial twitch] i used to masturbate every day non stop but then i found about nofap and i was just relaxed i wasnt panicking

[MORE]: im 17 , benefits : confidence , girls attraction , more energy , im not shy anymore i fuck around not like old me shy of being awkward , started doing music like dubstep , future bass and trap , my under eye  circles are almost gone i can see it 😀 \symptoms: i was shy like i said people where bullying me in school , and i hated going outside 1 more thing listening to music is amazing now

LINK – I used to get bullied at school all the time but people are now scared to me LOL

By shook1337