Age 17 – PIED cured

I was still in high school when it started. I had just gotten my first girlfriend and jumped into all kinds of different sex early on. As a teen, it’s obvious that I never struggled with erectile dysfunction. Every time we were together I knew I was going to have sex. Then, once I’d come home, I would watch porn and masturbate.

I’d been masturbating to porn every day since I turned 13. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes three times. All was well with that lifestyle until just a couple months after getting together with my girl. While lying naked on her bed with her on top of me while we were alone in her house, I had my first taste of porn induced erectile dysfunction. I could feel my erection getting weaker with each passing second and within just a few minutes, I had nothing left to work with.

When I reached home, I pulled out my iPod, went to my favourite site and locked the bathroom door. Miraculously, I was able to achieve and maintain my full, hard erection. If I had seen the connection right then and there, I may have saved myself 8 months, two relationships and thousands of taxpayer dollars wasted on ultrasounds and expensive tests attempting to figure out why a horny young kid couldn’t keep it up.

Shortly after experiencing erectile dysfunction, my girlfriend called to ask me about our relationship. She asked me if she was too ugly, too fat, lousy at sex and any other possible insecurity a teenage girl might have. As much as I tried to assure her that this was a problem with me, she had trouble buying it. From an outsider’s perspective, a teenage guy should always get an erection in the presence of a girl unless he is gay or she is lacking something sexually. There was no doubt in either of our minds regarding my sexual orientation, so instead I tired myself night after night coming up with possible excuses for my weak erections. With nothing changing after multiple months, we decided it was time to end the relationship.

Very quickly I found myself moving forward with a new person. I was scared that when the time came, I wouldn’t be able to perform and may repeat this entire cycle. Unable to build the courage to confront my family about my condition, I scheduled an appointment for my doctor. I bussed for several hours to my doctors office where I was subject to a full check-up. My doctor, an older man with years of experience in health-care, said that he’d never seen anything even similar to my case in a person under the age of 25. He gave me his word that he would get me better and scheduled regular appointments over the next few months to see my progress and recommend new treatments, medication and procedures.

Still trying to hide my condition from my parents, I bounced from test centre to test centre multiple times a week. I’d received sperm counts, ultra-sounds, X-Rays, brain scans and physical evaluations. When each test came up normal, I was told to meet a number of experts on male sexual health and erectile dysfunction. Luckily, as a Canadian citizen, I didn’t have to pay a dime. Had I been an American, I would’ve wasted thousands of dollars trying to solve a simple problem.

Although prohibited, during one appointment my doctor slipped me three Cialis pills along with 10 Viagra. He instructed me on how to take them, to not bring his name up and to check back with my results. Once again, after 5 months without sex, I attempted sex with my new girlfriend. I took my pills a half hour before I visited her and proceeded to have sex with no issues or surprises. I checked back with my doctor less than a week later and he was able to conclude that my erectile dysfunction was not related to a physical issue but instead an underlying psychological one.

Although I was still unable to reach a natural erection with my partners, I took comfort every night in the fact that I could still masturbate to porn. Slowly, though, the type of porn I found myself watching was becoming more specific to my tastes. I became increasingly interested in girls of a certain type, with certain appearances and certain voices doing certain things. I could no longer watch amateur videos in poor quality, with short girls or curvy bodies. When I tried, I would quickly lose my erection. I was used to top quality porn and my body wouldn’t settle for less. I connected the dots, took a quick Google search for porn related erectile dysfunction and found Brian’s blog.

Brian’s blog was in its early life. I read up on the few existing articles, Brian’s story and put his advice to the test. Within 3 months, I was experiencing an awesome sense of virility, forgotten levels of libido and the hardest erections I’d ever had in my life.

So how did I do it?

Brian’s blog was the first look into the stories of others like me. From reading it, I’d determined that my erectile dysfunction was either a result of performance anxiety or PIED.

  1. I fully committed myself to the program.

In the beginning, I attempted to just give up the porn. Time after time, my masturbation would lead me to “need” porn, and I would be back at ground zero. When I fully gave up PMO, I was unpleasantly rewarded with a lack of morning wood, no boners from women passing on the street, it was as if I had no improvement at all. More painfully, however, I gave up sex with my girlfriend until I was fully healed. As a result, I ended up losing her.

As hard as that was for me, I stuck with it and after just a couple weeks, I had flickers of life back in my penis.

  1. I put together a library of articles that inspired and motivated me and made them my Bible.
  1. Take advantage of the resources available.

There are plenty of blog posts out there to help: Reboot Blueprint, YourBrainOnPorn, etc. I also used Brian’s Craving Crusher to help me day to day.

  1. Stick with it.

I had a bumpy three months of no PMO. I had to start over a few times and you likely will too, but when you see the results come back with so much momentum you will regret every wasted effort on your journey.

After just three months I had back my erections, libido and, as predicted in previous success stories, I found myself exuding an outstanding level of confidence and swagger. I’d reached my most successful ever social stage going on dates with multiple women per week, being in control of my life and succeeding mostly with every woman I met. It wasn’t long before I had a new partner to whom I explained my story. Soon after, I experienced some of the best most meaningful sex in my life. It was a milestone that reflected my struggle. I knew I was cured.

So, on behalf of myself and my partner:

THANK YOU BRIAN! And to everyone else out there struggling with PIED, you’re not alone and no matter your age or your experiences, there is help out there.

Good luck!


LINK – “On Earning Your Orgasms By Giving Up On Your Porn And Masturbation Addiction”

by Josh