Age 17 – PIED & DE cured. Used to get Ds & Fs now on the honor roll. Other benefits.


I’ve been porn free since July 18th, and can say that NoFap has really made a difference in my life. I used to be a terrible student, F’s and D’s only. School started up and I was still in recovery mode, but, I have noticed an extreme increase in focus and concentration. This has now made me an honor roll student.

I would sit in class and only think about porn. Have those thoughts 100% gone away? No. But what I can say is they’re significantly less frequent and mean nothing.

I’m able to focus on my girlfriend of 7 months who’s been the most supportive of me, and now work a job on the side, and pay for Drivers Ed and save for a car. I can go on and on about how NoFap has improved my life. I no longer have any urge to masturbate, I’m more focused and attentive, headaches and stress seemed to have decreased. My self image and attitude has drastically improved. I’m more healthy and have a better thought process. I’m waking up to morning wood in the morning. One of the main reasons I started NoFap, is now I’m able to have sex.

No matter how bad you have it, it’ll get better with hard work and determination. Think to yourself is it really worth it. Talk to people who will support you and help you through it. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, it gets better, you just have to stay strong and put in the work. I wouldn’t have guessed I’d make it past a week after my relapses, but I was determined and focused and am 125 days in and counting.

Best of luck to everyone else pushing through every day, it’s worth it.


LINK – 125 days porn free, my results.

by Johnny8791


2 MONTHS EARLIER – NoFap Experience so far.

This has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. I’m 17 now and started watching porn at about the age of 12. I would masturbate anywhere from 1 to 4 times a day. I was with my gf the night of our one month and we were about to have sex, for me and her it was both our first times, I realized after that night how much significant damage porn had on my sexual health.  So I did research and found that I had PIED. I immediately bought into the program and started NoFap. I relapsed at about the 14th day of my last streak, after that I felt guilty, depressed, lethargic, and realized that it really wasn’t worth it. So I started the streak up again after consulting my gf about it, which if you have one definitely recommend talking to her about it. But as of right now I am on a 34 day streak. So far I’ve experienced, morning wood returning, few wet dreams, return of spontaneous erections, and being cured of delayed ejaculation. I also feel amazing, I am not objectify women like I used to, I feel motivated, confident, and full of energy, this really does work.

A few tips for not relapsing based on my personal experience:

-Go for walks daily (especially through secluded areas)

-Workout, whether it’s at the gym or push-ups on the floor

-If you do feel like relapsing, go outside, unplug your router, go sit in the living room of your house.

This has what has been working for me and what I’ve been feeling after 34 days of being porn free, best of luck to everyone recovering from this, stay motivated.