Age 17 – PIED seems cured

My counter says more, but I consider myself to be PMO free for 75 days today. I want to share my improvements, and give the new rebooters some advice that helped me to keep going. So first of all, when I first started I literally couldn’t remember the last time I got an erection that was not caused by porn.

No morning wood, no random erections and real girls wouldn’t do it either.

So the first 10 days were though. I had urges all the time, but after those 10 days they all dissapeared along with a flatline that lasted for at least 40 days. My dick felt dead and during this flatline I was having doubts about this whole reboot thing as well. I was starting to think that my cause for ED was something else. So I started to look for answers but couldn’t find anything that I can relate to. So after 50 days of no PMO my libido came back. To this point I hadn’t really been rewiring much as well, but I did wake up with soft erections, so I got motivated to keep going as I realised some things were changing in my body.

Now the real deal happened 5 days ago (70 days w/o PMO).
For the past 5 days I woke up with I would say 80% erections that lasted for about 3 minutes each. It’s a huge change and I honestly don’t really know were it came from. The first morning I was also very horny. When I was thinking about a hot girl I know I got a rock hard erection. I know I shouldn’t be fantasising, but I was so happy to know everything still works down there and I still am. Yesterday I went swimming, and I was kinda messing around with a girl in the water and I literally couldn’t leave the pool because yeahh… xD

So things have improved so much but I’m not there yet. Even though it feels like I’m cured, it is really important to realise there will be some flatlines coming up where my dick might feel dead again and be prepared for that. Some tips I want to give all the rebooters are:

-Don’t expect anything to happen in one month of no PMO. The first step you need to take is to get rid of porn and masturbation. Whn you have done that, your body will slowly change. It’s the same with working out. If you want to get ripped, don’t expect to many changed is one month as this will dissapoint you. If you want to change as a person, physically or mentally, give it a year. A year is needed to actually become a new person. It’s a fact you have to accept and embrace, so you won’t be dissapointed.

-Don’t think about you porn problems. Really, the best way to reboot is to not think about it. Thinking about you ED problems only give you negative thoughts and that something you definitely do not want in your reboot. Be as happy as possible, because that’s what’s life is all about right?

-Don’t every give up. During my reboot, I’ve got thoughts running all through my brain: Sometimes it feels like my brain is going to explode with all the thoughts I have. Does this reboot work? Is there another cause for my ED? What if I’m doing something wrong in my reboot? What if I will never be able to have sex again? These are all thoughts that lead to frustration, depression and evetually you give in and give it a wank. Just do your thing and things will happen.

I hope I gave some of you some hope and motivation.

LINK – 75 days of no PMO

BY – Anoniem5


INITIAL POST – Do I have ED and what could be the cause?

First of all, a bit about myself, I’m a 17 year old guy who doesn’t know whether he has erectile dysfuction or not. It started of a few weeks  ago when I realised my erections where getting softer and softer and also realised I didn’t have morning wood for quite a long time. I started to worry because I thought is was a result of over masturbation. (I masturbated to porn every single day.) I decided to give up masturbating for a while and my erections returned. Not having masturbated for about 5 days, I decided to give it another go, and the day after again, didn’t get any erections at all. I decided to quit porn for good because I was convinced I don’t have ED, but it could get worse if I keep on like that. I didn’t masturbate for 4 days, and my erections came back (100% fully erect). It was getting really bad, i would have them at school all day long and I couldn’t stop thinking about sex as well. I couldn’t hold back mastubating, so I did. I was scared I got myself in this situation again where I couldn’t get it up for 4 days again, but suprisingly, i could the very next day. I figured I solved my problem and just had to reduce my masturbation routine to 2/3 times a week. But since yesterday I am experiencing trouble getting erections again. I know it’s quite a long story, but I’m wondering, why do I keep having those periods where I can’t get hard erections? Do I have ED or is it just between my ears? I am not dating girls at the moment but i do date them quite often, and it would be terrible if I have a girlfriend at the age of 17 who I can’t sexually please.

Please reply if you think you can help me. (Ps. watching porn is not healthy and I recommend everyone to quit watching because it’s not real life, and living in that fantasy might have consequences for your sex life). Thanks for reading this.