Age 17 – Quick recovery, skin cleared up, girls go for me


I’m a 17 year old guy who found out about this movement about 40 days ago and thought to give it a try. I was masturbating since third grade ( age 10 ) , and would do it almost every single day ( sometimes multiple times in a day ) and biggest breaks i took were about 5 6 days ( i remember on excursion i didnt fap ) .

Anyways ive had really healthy sexual life all the way from age 13 ( 7th grade ) when i first started being sexualy active . I was always poppular and the guy girls wanted in elemntary school becuase i was tall , played sports , and i guess good looking. But all changed at age 15 where i got my knee injured and just stoped everything ( stoped training bball , stopped soacilizing , stoped being active with girls , and just playing a lot of video games and being in my house all day ). And i did this for about a year and a half , whole first grade of highschool and a bit of second.

Luckily during this time at least i got good enough at video games that i can make money from them ( league of legends )so that was something , but that didnt make me happy , so i decided to snap out of it and change my life. Started working out at the gym , but didnt start socializing that much because i was still masturbating and felt like i didnt needed it.

But when i began nofap i experienced great change. i started going after girls again and really opening my self , and in most cases girls would go for me and that took me back to when i was younger and made me happy.

At around 13 14 days i managed to get a girl while i was in Bulgaria with my brother , and finaly got sexualy active again. I cant belive how much it helped me , i can easily pull and atract a girl just with my eye contact. When i would be passing in the mall just looking at a girl would make her blush , or put her head down or look at her friend and smile ( no better feeling in the world! ).

My skin cleared up. Basicly all the benefits that people talk about.

In this 34 days i did relapse a few times but it was with no porn and only thinking about the girl i was seeing ( and i didnt even fell bad about it after like a lot of guys do ) i just thought it was natural .

So yea guys that was my experience , sorry for the rambling post and english mistakes . ( not my first language )

LINK – My experience after 34 days

By throwawayDDDDDDDDD