Age 17 – So motivated for everything

So when I first discovered this like one year ago I did not think much of it. But during sex with my girlfriend I kinda went limp very often, and after some research on the internet [know] it could be caused by porn.

At that time I watched some fcked up stuff. My girlfriend and I broke up and like a month later

I thought about doing this. I struggled so hard. Had some good streaks of a week and I was really noticing the changes. I felt so good. At that time I also struggled with gaming addiciton. I wasn’t doing much for school.

The time passed and with willpower I made it to 3 weeks. This also helped me for my other addiciton guys. If you have something else you don’t want to do as much as you do.. try to hold on to no fap.

No fap got me so motivated for everything. I’m acing school and I almost stopped playing. I starded Piano and It’s so much fun. Life is fresh and Life is new thanks to no fap.

Everyone keep going on because at the end there is so much energy and motivation for everything you always wanted to do but you couldnt because of PMO.

LINK – I’m 17 and this is my no fap story so far

by ElectricGreen