Age 17 – Some PIED: I get hard like chiseled granite, I need less sleep now, I have a razor sharp mind.

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I’m currently a junior in high school. During sophomore year I didn’t fap too much but was quite awkward on dates. I had the guts to ask girls out but would get friendzoned EVERY time. I would get “lucky” here and there because I’m not a bad looking dude but lacked confidence and drive to push past making out.

Throughout the year I started watching increased amounts of porn. It averaged 2-3 times a day by the end of sophomore year. Never thought of it being a problem. Then came a wake up call.

Over the summer I couldn’t keep it up losing my virginity. Played it off as stress. The girl was cool and we tried again to find no success. Porn had ruined me. I found and was shocked.

I discovered nofap in the fall but could never keep a streak longer than two weeks. Later discovered RSD and theredpill. Been studying it ever since.

I made a Tinder and started talking to more girls when out. On DAY 58 no P or MO. Currently have one main FWB and am seeing other girls off and on. THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE TO NOFAP!

It only reaps BENEFITS. I need less sleep now. I have a razor sharp mind. I get hard like chiseled granite. All from 58 days of nofap. I reap confidence. Have taken a cold shower everyday for the last month.

Life is incredible now. And it’s only high school. Cannot wait for college. I’ve started lifting and have given up all junk food.

Masturbation depletes you of energy. Feminine energy empowers a man.

Thank you nofap. This community has revolutionized my lifestyle for the better.

LINK – High School Player Checking In. How nofap changed my life

by lifeontheedge38