Age 17 – truly working towards my passion

Thirty days ago it was the end of June. I had all the free time a teen could ask for. I could work on my business concepts, get a higher job now that I had quit my local pizza job, and could start lifting six times a week. But instead, what do you think I was doing?

I was living the lousy summer life. No job, no focusing on my business concepts, lifting only half the time I could; not to mention, you guessed it, I was relapsing 3-4 times a week (and gaming to fill the extra time).

I was really bent emotionally. The reason being that I had made two 30+ streaks, both I struggled, yes, but I was proud of those streaks. Now it seemed I was done for.

But I watched a video online, and I wish I would have liked it so I could share it with you. But the video basically stated how boys and girls seek pleasure while men and women seek fulfillment. It completely opened my mind to this new concept. It applied to everything.

So I started pursuing the concept of fulfillment rather than pleasure. And thirty days later, I’m working at a tech internship, working out 5-6 times a week, trading stocks (as I did before), and truly working towards my passion to create a beverage. For example, just today I talked with a beverage CEO, and a partner company to work alongside with. Got some amazing advice and I also started working towards making my brand an actual reality. All at the age of 17.

Who would have thought just giving up something as useless as fapping could make such a difference? But the greatest factor is that I really have no urge to PMO, at all! I’m on the course to beat my record of 35 days, and continue on for as long as I can go. Shooting for a year, and if I make it, I’ll make sure to post an update. But until then, thank you all for your support. I couldn’t have gotten here without such an awesome, connected community!

LINK – 30 days can make a huge difference.

by Maindeathwagon