Age 17 – Way more social and extroverted

These 90 days were one hell of a wild ride. This isn’t my first try but hopefully my last try, I started PMO’ing 4-6 times a day since I was in my late 10s. By 13 I was thinking that I probably should lay off it since it was causing me a lot of testicle pain.

(You try jerking off that much!) but I never quit more than two days, that is, until June, where I found NoFap, I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t. My first ‘streaks’ never went higher than 4 days, eventually in September I had a pretty solid streak of 28 days, but I fell since the urges were very much there, a couple of relapses later the NoFapWar started and I signed up, and (obviously) became one of the survivors.

The urges became pretty weak by day 50, but I still ran into some problems where I’d get an urge to PMO that was fairly hard to resist, however by day 70 I didn’t get any urges to PMO, sure, I may have been “turned on” but I didn’t feel a need to PMO at all.

So what has improved in my life in that past 90 days? Well, firstly – I became way more social and extroverted, I enjoy staying outside more than inside, even though it’s dark and cold here. I became more energetic and motivated to reach my goals. I quit alcohol ever since the New Year and severely reduced my caffeine intake. I became way more confident and brave.

I finally said all the fuck you’s that I wanted to say for so long, and I no longer stand back and let other people preach there opinions and ideas without any resistance. I also started exercising, right now there’s not too much change in my physique (Besides the chest and stomach hair that magically appeared around day 60) since I was only working out for over a month.

I’ve always wanted a tattoo since I found they really cool and almost all men in my family have one, so last week I decided to get a tattoo and I was supposed to get it on the same day I hit 90 days, which was totally by accident, but only added to the whole “awesomeness” factor, another reason why I got it is because of how much I changed over 2014, I quit so many addictions and bad habits and became a way stronger version of myself…And that my 17th birthday is on February 14th. Speaking of that, one thing that I didn’t get that other people did was a girlfriend, I’m still the guy that never held hands with a girl, kissed and (obviously) never had sex. But oh well, no rush!

Hopefully you people take something from this, good luck and more importantly – have fun!

LINK – Today I was getting my first tattoo, the same day I (unknowingly) hit 90 days.

by ValentinQBK