Age 17 – You will feel great in your own skin


I have known about nofap for about a year and a half know and I was excited about the idea that you can gain so much by NOT doing something. So I began and I failed and I tried again and I failed and that over and over again. My streaks were usually 1-2 weeks, one time 30 days but I wasn’t able to abstain longer than that. My mind would always come up with some reason why I should do it one more time.

But 90 days ago I discovered this subreddit and it gave me so much motivation that I was determined to stay strong. I read posts almost every single day, also when I thought about fapping. Like this I managed to do 90 days. Here is my experience:

First things first: It is worth it. And it is definitely not easy! You will have these nights when you lie restless in your bed and you want to fap so bad that it almost hurts. You will have flatlines that make you feel like shit and super tired. You might have blue balls that make it super hard to sit comfortably. And you will have boners in the worst situations.

BUT you will feel the energy and the motivation! You will feel great in your own skin. You will be outgoing and social. You will have a deeper voice. You will make awesome gains at the gym. You will be able to connect with the people around you. And you will be a better person.

I relapsed so often that I know how it works. I somehow change into an ultra aware third person perspective. Like this: “Okay, here we go again, I am having an urge and the addiction is telling me to watch porn. I have two possibilities, staying strong or giving in in which case all the progress will be gone and I will feel like shit. If I stay strong however, I become a better person.” Positive self-talk is key!

I only had really short flatlines, like 3 days around day 15, then around 47, the last one around day 87. Yes, the energy just comes back after it.

I am 17 years old, I have watched porn for 4 years. Of course the often mentioned female attention 😉

LINK – 90 Days done

by Lion_King1234