Age 17 – Your life really changes after you start nofapping

17-year old. Used to be insecure. Spend a lot of time playing video games with friends. Haven’t had much luck with girls in the last few years and was really shy while speaking to them. Decided to change.

Started working out and wanted to be more confident. Found nofap by accident. Set 2 milestones:

  1. reach one year of nofap on hard mode.
  2. After one year I will continue doing nofap, but I’ll allow myself to get off if a girl does it.

*Day 30-117*

20-30 days were one of the best in my life. Brain fog was gone. I was super confident, energetic and active. Had some fun with a girl (cuddling, kissing, etc.). After that my ‘superpowers’ started to fade. I really liked the boost and even considered relapsing so I could have them again but decided not to because I was curious of what lies ahead.

I finally hit day 50. Damn time flies fast when you have summer vacation. I met a lot of new people by day 50 and made new friends. I was confident, I started caring less about what I was saying and noticed that the superpowers that I had from day 20 to 30 weren’t gone. They just became a part of me.

Day 90 arrives. I spend little to no time on the pc. Started to learn playing the guitar. Me trying to learn an instrument? That would have never happened if it wasn’t for this sub.

Day 98-117. School starts. The first week I was a bit shy and didn’t want to talk much in class because all of our teachers changed and the whole class but after that I was good. Now, if know the answer I’ll always speak up and not wait for someone else to say it.

Now I always confidently say hi to the girls in my new class if I meet them while walking to school. It’s really easy to talk to all of them and I don’t feel anxious anymore.

Time is going slow right now. Started reading English literature (I’m from Europe).


Your life really changes after you start nofapping. Thanks to this sub and the community, for helping in rough times. I’ll continue to improve and work on myself. The next report will be on day 365. Stay strong.

LINK – 117 Day report: What has happened since day 30.

by NorthOC