Age 18 – 1 year: I have changed a lot over the past year for the better

I made it, 1 year. (I am currently 18, I started masturbating regularly from the age of 11 and started viewing pornographic material from the age of 12. I was basically trying to find porn on reddit and found NoFap.

I didn’t forget about it and came back to it when I decided I wanted to stop by the time I was 16 and that’s how I eventually found NoFap.)

Why’d I post links? Because stopping is easier than you think. You can stop right and never look back; you just have to want to stop bad enough. That’s the only secret to quitting – wanting to stop more badly than anything else.

I am not here to boast about what I did, what I will say is that I did not expect to be where I am, right now, a year ago. You see, NoFap does not give you actual super powers. I mean porn does have its effects and so does excessive masturbation, but stopping them doesn’t give you super powers. You all started NoFap because you saw a problem you had and you wanted to make a change. NoFap is the catalyst. Sure, you end up quitting porn/ masturbation but you also end up improving on yourself…growing. You are more open to change and you become more aware of the issues you have so you do more to fix them. Essentially trying to be the best you can be.

I have changed a lot over the past year for the better, and had I known that all of this good stuff would come from deciding to stop a shitty habit and improve on myself then I would have started a whole lot earlier.

A few quotes I’d like to share which really helped me take some huge steps this year: “There’s no future in the past” “If you do not seize the moment, you will never get it again” – this one stops me from backing out of situations which are out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, I did a whole year on hard mode (24 December 2014, I just reset the clock on the 1 January 2015 to make it my resolution).

Wish you all the best of luck, cheers.


LINK – 1 Year 🙂

by NoFWarrior