Age 18 – 50 days completed! (10 benefits that changed my life), PIED better


Today is a really special day because I’m on day 50! Wow.. Never thought i could make this far after huge urges hit me hard, haha. So I started nofap 1 month and 20 days ago I haven’t watched porn since then and for fapping, I haven’t fapped like 65 days. I want to talk about some benefits I have recently recognize!

1) Better sleep!
This is one of the major benefits because I don’t feel like crap after waking up, or depressed! Now I can easily jump out from the bed and head right in to the shower (cold shower)

2) More social!
I’m not afraid of going out to play baseball with my friends or have a good time outside in the nature! I do really enjoy it as much as I did when i was younger.

3) More energy!
So as I said, I woke up in the morning and I already feel full of energy, it feels like I could run 300000km without stop, haha!

4) More into Self-care!
This might sound funny, but I really have started to dress nice, and take care of my skin and health, I have stopped smoking, and said bye bye to anything that contains sugar or caffeine! Every time I come out from the shower, I get my teeth brushed and my hair style look cool as I like it to be, I feel more stronger, I feel that my muscles are bigger and harder!

5) Sensitivity!
This is a huge benefit for me, because my skin feels more sensitive then ever! It’s like – I have a baby soft skin, that’s clean and soft, feels really nice

6) PIED 70% cured!
So I know a lot of us are struggling with this thing called ”PIED – Porn induced erectile dysfunction” When I was still watching porn and masturbating like 3-5x a day, I couldn’t get my willy Up! But now I can get hard whenever I imagine about a girl I like, or even if I am talking to her! There are few times where I get hard 110% but that sometimes, usually I get 70-85% hard, but I’m sure if I was touched by a girl, my dick would just explode

7) Less anxiety!
I feel like I’m in the command now, when ever there’s something I don’t like, I tell it straight away! I’m not a quiet desperate person anymore, and I don’t take any crap from others, I don’t care what anyone else thinks, unless they are my friends or family members.

8) Self confidence!
If I know I can do something, then I prove it to everyone! i have started to believe in myself lately, I have started to enjoy life a bit!

9) Calm and peaceful mind!
A big thanks to meditation and book reading! It helped me a lot, I don’t feel aggressive anymore and I can control myself whenever i want.

10) Increased Testosterone!!!
I can’t even tell how happy I am knowing my testosterone is high af now!
I’ve been working out, eating healthy, drinking nothing more than just water and I’m taking cold showers 50 days straight! I feel more like a man now! My facial hair is growing out finally! It was about time.. I’m 18 y/o and don’t have even facial hair, well I mean I do but not as thick and dark as now! Whenever I see myself in the mirror I feel like Johnny bravo lol I have started to love myself and to do things I really love.

LINK – 50 days completed! (10 benefits that changed my life)

by Alexhexvans