Age 18 – 90 days: Self-confidence, motivation, positivity are a few benefits I received.

Note that this post is only about how i got started into Nofap . I might make a separate post explaining how I NAILED 90 days on my very first try.

There is a long story behind why I started Nofap Around 3 months ago, I had guests at my place and I was very busy hanging out with them each day. So, things were such that fapping didn’t even come to my mind and even if it did I didn’t have much time or appropriate situation to do it. Before I know, 6-7 days had passed without me masturbating! crazy right? I used to fap almost every single day and these 6-7 days passed in blink of an eye for me.

So on the 6th or the 7th day I was out for some work. I was standing at a queue and the girl in front of me started turning around and looking at me. She was trying hard to make several eye contacts and then when I finally looked at her she gave a nice smile and started a conversation for me. Now this is not something that happens much with me.

Once i got out of the queue and had my work done, a girl waiting for her turn in the queue smiled at me when I was walking pass by her! She stopped me and asked about the formalities to be made and the documents required at the counter (I was in a passport office ) and thanked me with a big smile on her face.

Thirdly, that very evening, I was at the coffee shop and a girl came and sat right opposite to the table I was sitting on facing me. We made a few eye contacts and she was the one to give me a smile first! I Know it’s too good to be true right? I was shocked that day as to why all this was happening to me. I never got so much attention from women ever before on the same damn day.

I later went home, my guests had left so I turned on my laptop and almost tuned into a porn website but instead I went on to YouTube to look at a video I always procrastinated looking on. It was called ‘Why I stopped watching porn”. I got greatly inspired to quit porn after watching that video.

After that, I clicked on a ‘ recommended for you video’ as the title attracted me, it read ‘ attention you get from women while on Nofap (link . I got curious and decided to watch that video having NO idea what Nofap is! I finished watching that video and I was completely shocked how it all made sense now! I was getting all this attention because i was holding in my sexual energy and women can feel it.

I was so inspired that i decided to quit porn and fapping right at that moment (I did not watch porn that night ) and here I am, it’s been 90 days since that and my life has completely changed since then.

So that was my story on how I got started. Other benefits I started noticing are INSANE amounts of motivation to do all kinds of productive things, big increase in self- confidence, positivity and a lot more. Tl;DR : Attention from women got me into Nofap. Self-confidence, motivation, positivity are a few benefits I received.

P.S – Note that you get a lot of attention from women while starting Nofap but it tends to decrease overtime. I am not the only person to experience this phenomenon.


by motivateddude