Age 18 – A great boost of confidence, self-esteem and much, much more


Before Nofap, I was miserable. I was PMOing like 2 times a day (which was crazy and gross when I’m thinking about it). My confidence and self-esteem was shit. I had social anxiety, I was unmotivated to do stuff and I never even had a GF.

I started PMOing when I was probably 12-13 years old (I’m 18 now), it all started with a small edging, and then I start to edge more and more until the moment of disappointment came… first day (if I remember correctly) was totally shit, I felt like my energy drained fully… I also remember sitting in the dinner table with the family completely disappointed and felt like shit.

I got bullied in school because of my low-confidence, and because I was fat. Every time I got bullied in school, I went home and cried. And the only way I could remove the pain was to start PMOing… it felt so good so that the old me thought that PMO was my friend… But not until it got worse.

In 7th class I started to fall in love with this girl in my old class. She was a 9/10, very beautiful, very smart. Unfortunate, I got sometimes bullied by her which made my emotions go through hell….. BUT I CAME BACK FROM HELL…

9th class ended and I began my upper-secondary school (it’s a education program in Sweden). I began my 1st class in business and trading program. One year went and I began my second year. I was so fat (I used to weight 103kg back then) so I decided to lose weight, keep in mind that I used to PMO as well. I went and got myself a gym membership, I trained hard, and started to eat clean food of course. So that in only one year, I lost probably 30kg of fat and built some solid muscles and which I’m very proud of today.

But I had one problem, my Inner Game was still low, So low that I don’t know how to improve it. I started to meditate 2 times a day, but I know that didn’t help at all. So one day, I decided surf Reddit at that moment and at that moment, I found this awesome community. I started to read all of the benefits that for posted here and I thought to myself “this looks very promising”. So I gave Nofap (hard mode) a shot. I failed many times and started to relapse every 3-4 days and so on.

Until one day I received a DM by /u/Exoskiller. He asked if he wanted to a nofap buddy to talk to (so none of us relapse). He was probably day 2 and I was day 22. We started to talk together and stuff, and that my emotions for my long-term crush got stronger and stronger so I barely couldn’t hold it anymore (I suffered emotional-flatline) which was pretty heavy for me.

So I decieded to Snapchat my Crush, she did respond. I was so happy that she responded so that I basically “forgot” about my flatline, but not until she stopped replying. My emotional flatline hit me so hard like a train so I started to cry and let it all out. And I was glad that /u/Exoskiller and Nofap community started to cheer me up a little.

Now my friends, I’m day 90. I have never felt this wonderful in my life. I got a great boost of confidence, self-esteem and much much more. I also got the courage to send a snap to my crush today because of this special day, we talked until she didn’t reply back anymore, which made me feel awful. But did I give a fuck? NOOOOOOOO I did not. I thought to myself “oh well, it’s her loss anyway” and THAT is confidence my friends!

Anyway. I have to end my story here. Sorry for the long post and I hope this is motivational enough to boost people’s nofap days slightly more.

I just wanted thank the /r/nofap community for all the amazing help and motivations that I received through this wonderful journey. And I specially want to thank /u/Exoskiller for all the support that he gave me through messages!

Again, thank you everybody!

LINK – FINALLY 90 DAYS!!! (Please read)

By epicgame100


Back in my PMO days was seriously the worst days. But I always kept getting blinded about the truth of PMO.

So this was me back then:

  • Low self-esteem.
  • Creepy vibe.
  • Low confidence.
  • couldn’t keep a good eye contact.
  • Was stuttering and sweating talking with a hot girl.
  • Always forgets stuff.
  • Was blind (If I was looking for something I couldn’t find it. Yet it was in front of me all the time).
  • lack of energy And much more.

When I began Nofap (and ofcourse i don’t owe everything to Nofap, been doing self-improvements and stuff) everything and I mean EVERYTHING turned to 180° degrees and it felt waaay awesome.

This is what happened while doing self-improvements:

  • Self-esteem gotten very high
  • My vibe has been waaay better than the creepy one (like people coming up to you and start convos)
  • My confidence got a massive boost (aswell as my Ego. Egoism imo is the enemy)
  • My eye contact is on point even a girl commented on it.
  • I don’t stutter or sweat when talking to ANYONE (but this flatline has decreased it sometimes. Feeling like my old self again)
  • Always remembers stuff. This got boosted by 75% perhaps
  • I can literally see again lol
  • No more lack of energy (although during flatline I get lazy and unmotivated)
  • And the last but not least. FEMALE ATTRACTION IS REAL (flatline took that away too)

I hope this honest information motivated you

Three more days…



Many positive things! I’ll post them here below:

  • Confidence rised
  • Motivation got stronger
  • Energy is through the roof
  • Women attraction (magnetism) is very fucking real.
  • Got better at school
  • I’ve become more charismatic
  • PIED cured (the thing is I’m in a temporary flatline right now, so haven’t noticed real morning wood in a long)
  • And so much more.

The thing is, every person needs to try NoFap for him/her self. And if you don’t like it, simple, go return to your mind and self destructive habit like PMO.

My bestfriend [buddy downstairs] is stronger than ever. [PIED] It stands for Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. Basically you can’t get hard with a real girl, but when you watch porn your dick gets to be like a fucking missile.

What motivated me is actually is all sorts of things. But mainly it was that I didn’t want to live as an addict rest of my life, I wanted something better, I deserve something better. So I made a conscious decision to finally get rid of my habit once and for all, And it was really worth it. Tbh I made the decision to stop fapping after I busted a nut while high on weed. I actually thought to myself, “WTF am I fucking doing?” And from that moment I got into the streak I am today! But it was really hard at first. Believe me. It was a hell of a fight during being high to PMO or not.

[My journey so far was] completely hardmode!

If youre having a hard time with urges, I would say go ice your balls or take a cold shower.

I’ve had WDs yeah. It actually made me unmotived and slow, just for couple days like 2-3 days.

I’ve come across triggering content by mistake, but my mind is programmed like “I don’t want to see anything sexual through internet, only in real life” so it didn’t bother me much. And I’ve never edged during streak.

I mean if you peeked or a chick sent you nudes, it’s fine, but don’t overdo it. You’ll relapse sooner or later.

[I’m]18 man! Started when I was 17.

Guess who reached 1 year?