Age 18 – A million positive changes. More focused, more calm, anxiety went away

In my 84 days of nofap, I have seen a million positive changes. More focused, more calm, my anxiety went away. I lost fat and trimmed up, I became more confident. I became more masculine than ever. I can now talk to a girl without getting shy or anxious, just but to mention a few.

Dont give up. keep going. I have suffered pmo for over 5 years.I am now going to boarding school to finish my secondary education. I no longer get deppressed. I simply enjoy every moment of my life.

Beatiful girls nowadays come and hook up with me. I dont know who to love and leave. I just cant tell how I feel. I am doing things which I never thought I could do.


hope this helps you guys.

LINK – My new life after quiting PMO

by programer

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I cant just tell how I feel. It has been a long journey of fighting with this PMO. FINALLY I HAVE WON. I NO LONGER THINK OF FAPPING OR WATCHING PORN. In this three months, I have seen a million positive changes in my life. I am no longer shy or anxious. I’ve gained so much confidence, More musculine, More social and outgoing, Sharp memory, Strong mind, My anxiety went away, More focused, I’ve lost fat and trimmed up, strong erections, Am experiencing my wet dreams as normal, no longer objectifying people, getting more satisfied JUST BUT TO MENTION A FEW. Nofap has saved my life. PMO ALMOST RUINED MY LIFE. I thank God for giving me courage, perseverance, patience and energy to fight PMO. My goal is to now reach 180 days(6 months). I want to wish you guys all the best in your journey. Dont give up. You will win. you will. And as you continue fighting PMO, I pray that you will soon find Great peace of mind and leave happily forever. Love you guys.You are more than a family to me. I hope that I will get to see some of you one day. AM POSTING THIS FROM KENYA. AM IN NAIROBI CITY.


Hey folks, I wanna share something. In my 104 days of no fap,I have seen a lot. To start with, my confidence has grown so fast. I have done things I never thought I would do. I curently have a hot girlfriend and things are perfect. I am no longer depressed or anxious. I have become so musculine. I have lost fat and trimmed up. My lips no longer crack. My brain has become strong and sharp. I just finished my exams and I did very well. This accounts for a sharp memory. My goal is to now reach 120 days hardmode. One thing that is disturbing me is my ex girlfriend. I lost her because of PMO. I really loved her. As we speak, I dont know where she is. I miss her like hell. I’ve send her friends to greet her but no feedback. Cursed is pmo. I dont want to get into pmo ever again. This is just the begining of my journey to happiness. The end of the end is still to come.

 UPDATE – CELEBRATING 150 DAYS OF REBOOTING.I never thought I will one day reach here. It has really been a long journey of fighting this PMO addiction. Finally I have again made it to 150 days. I really can not tell how I feel Physically, Emotionally and Mentally.Since I quitted PMO, I am no longer lonely or sad. I am more social and outgoing than ever. May anxiety is almost now over. May brain and memory are sharp than ever. I no longer get difficulties in making decisions. I see life totally different as I used to see it before. I am no longer shy speaking to girls or being near to girls. I no longer see women as sex objects. I notice girls alot nowadays.
I no longer care about what people say about me.
Surely, porn was a prison that robed me happiness and fulfillment. Things are more fulfilling to me nowadays. My life has totally changed, truly.

I came to realize that PMO and especially M is not sex at all. Someone Masturbating does not experience the full extent of sex emotions. In short circuiting the emotions therefore, one can be easily removed from the world of reality.

Finally, I want to thank you all, fapstronaunts for your priceless support and replies. Without you, I could not have made it. This is one of the Most rising social, or call it what you want, forum. I hope that soon we will all find a state of equilibrium in our bodies as well as find great peace of mind.

Brains are plastic, the changes that were made by the PMO addiction can be reversed after quitting.

UPDATE – Two years later.

It is now two years of Nofap. Too many changes have taken place. The most important one is this ability to socialize without being shy.

Almost nine months ago, I got hooked to a Lovely-pretty-cute girl in my High school. I loved here from the very first moment I set my eyes on her. Nofap gave me the confidence to approach her. It was unbelievable. Two months later, she could not resist me anymore.

Here best friend who had a crush on me told here to heartbreak me when we were going for our Holiday. She called me in our school in the field privately and Told me that she did not want to be in a relationship with me anymore and she was ending our relationship there (Biggest mistake in her life).

Fast forward, the holiday ended and we were back in school. Her silly friend wrote me a later and told me(am gonna use programmer as my name and Jessica as my GF’s name);

Hi Programer,for sure Jessica has left you but she is still in love with you and she does not know how to talk or to write to you. There was a letter you wrote her when you broke up and it made her feel guilty thus she locked her-self in her room and cried. She wanted to know whether you love her and you won’t heartbreak her?

That is how we got together again, Forever. She loved me but her friend was jealous of our relationship. Nofap makes us Infallible in relationships. Fapstronaunts are Infallibly accurate in Everything they do. With compliments from Nairobi, Kenya. Long live Nofap.