Age 18 – Anxiety reduced noticeably, Sleep better, Doing REAL things feel better, Social relations improved, I feel interest from girls


Sorry for my English, i am from Ukraine. 9 weeks report here. I have been masturbating for 6 years (since 12) and 5 years with porn. First of all: NoFap really worth it. Benefits:

  • Anxiety reduced noticeably
  • No more porn fantasies
  • You don’t have free, quick and powerful dopamine source, so you start to do REAL things to feel better
  • Dopamine level and sleeping schedule stabilized
  • Social relations improved, I feel interest from girls who didn’t pay much attention to me before
  • Quality of voice changed

After some time from the beginning I felt really BAD both physically and mental. I even have some sort of panic attacks and it seemed to be endless, but I knew that it is connected with rebooting. When you feel BAD you start to find ways to get better except PMO and you become better person in real life.

If you can give up masturbating you have potential to make radical changes in your life. PMO is a way to cope with stress and boredom. It is so stimulating that you become to use it more often. With time you become an addict. During abstaining you should to find new (healthy) ways to beat stress. It can be breathing technique or hobby but not other addictive occupation. This is the main thing that helps. Good luck to you, guys! Stay on the way and you get better.

LINK – 63 days report

by rodjer2