Age 18 – Cannot stand being unproductive, I feel way more attractive, I don’t need to please anyone

I’m an introverted 18 year old virgin. I never had a girlfriend in my life or even kissed a girl. For fuck’s sake I’ve never even held hands with a girl. Started fapping when I was 12 years old which turned into fapping to porn a year later. and I regret every single moment spent jacking off to virtual pixels on a screen.

It fucking depresses me how I’ve lived like that for so long. I just think about the productive things I could have done with all those hours of fapping. It’s been like that until last August when I found out about NoFap. Relapsed 4 times and had to go through one motherfucker of a flatline where I would be fucking staring at a girl’s ass in yoga pants right in front of me without the slightest amount of arousal. Flatline is fucking horrible. Alas! here I am, 102 days and I’m never fapping again in my life. Seriously, FUCK PMO.

Changes and Thoughts:

  • I give less of a fuck about what people around me think. I don’t feel like I need to please anyone. I’m only focused about improving myself.
  • I absolutely cannot stand being unproductive, If a day goes by where I haven’t done anything useful. I end up feeling like utter shit.
  • I also cannot stand being with unproductive people. I no longer hang out with unproductive friends of mine who are OK with wasting their life on video games and porn.
  • I stopped playing video games completely. I do not enjoy them anymore. I used to waste hours of gaming before NoFap.
  • I became very committed to working out.(Bar Brothers from youtube inspired me. I recommend them) I workout 5 days every week and managed to build a nice physique so far. i’ll post links of my progress . [before] [after]
  • I feel way more attractive. Today I came out of a cold shower and felt like a golden sex god looking at myself in the mirror!
  • More attention from girls. I think it is more because I notice them noticing me, since i’m always horny and I will practically eye-fuck every girl that I come across. and I do so with no sense of shame whatsoever.
  • When I lock eyes with a girl, I maintain eye contact so intensely it’s like I’m piercing her fucking soul. And I get this warm tingling feeling inside my gut that is absolutely wonderful, it kinda feels like a mini-orgasm. I’ve never read about this anywhere on nofap.

I still haven’t gotten lucky with any girl though. My goal is that one day I will be able to approach and talk to every hot girl I see and not give a fuck about what people think. much like the dudes from simple pickup on YouTube.(which I very much recommend checking out because I think that what they do goes hand-in-hand with NoFap and this ). I urge you to check them out, and I promise it will be worth your time.

At this point of my nofap journey, I am no more 100% concentrated on not relapsing but rather on self improvement and making sure I do something useful with my life every single day. NoFap has become a side objective.

This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.

-Tyler Durden

LINK – Triple Digits!!! my 100 day journey

by TylerDurden996