Age 18 – Confidence, energy, focus, drive, the works

Good day fellow fapstronauts. Today i come to reflect on the last five months of my journey. I’m a senior in highschool, and after a very rough breakup at the end of last school year i decided to make some changes. However, due to PMO, very little changed for quite awhile. Until the beginning of september, that is.

I stopped pmo, stopped smoking, started keto (have lossed approx 40 pounds since; for those who might want to lose weight on this journey as well: /r/loseit , another support group), and made some small but fundamental changes to my mind and life. To those who are struggling, let me just say, the super powers that we have and the resurfacing of them are one hundred percent real. I started noticing them after my streak went about two weeks. Confidence, energy, focus, drive, the works. Not to say it hasnt been easy hahaha. All of these changes were far from being so. But damn, was it worth it.

More than all of the superpowers,though, i want to put forth my thought on a difference that i havent really read about anywhere on this sub: fluidity. When I’m on a streak of more than three or four days, I’ve noticed that life becomes more fluid in all ways. What really made me notice this was a tad underwhelming but nonetheless it was a huge “a ha!” moment. When speaking, my words come more smoothly and my vocabulary is a tad more eloquent (before i wouldve used something lame, ie. “fancy”) , i write more smoothly, play (im a double bassist) more smoothly, i even seem to walk more smoothly. Its strange. I suppose its the in-the-moment living getting to me!

My mindset, too has changed. I was an optimist before but i have literally never been more hopeful in my life. I feel as if i can do anything, and Ive stopped giving a damn about the insignificant things in life (/r/howtonotgiveafuck , /r/selfimprovement have both been extremely helpful). my ego is gone as well, and it is liberating. I couldn’t be happier.

So, fellow nofappers, lets kick No Fap February’s metaphorical ass! I believe in all of you as I’m sure you all believe in me. The sky is the limit, fapstronauts.

Stay golden.

LINK – Nofap since september- thoughts and reflection

by JohnIsKillNo