Age 18 – Day 200 – This is so epic I’m never stopping


Today is my 200 day hard-mode anniversary. This is so epic I’m never stopping. I just finished a one-month fast from this sub (It was becoming a time sinkhole), and over the past month, I’ve crossed my half-year anniversary and continued to experience the awesome benefits of nofap. I now have a regular sleep schedule, and after years of being a night owl, I am now an early riser. (Up by 6 every morning)

I have also continued to experience accelerated fitness gains; my squat shot up 20 pounds in the last month, and my deadlift gained around 15. I have also trained until I can swim the short course of an olympic pool entirely underwater on one breath.

I have pretty much fully integrated cold showers into my daily routine. (So far I’ve had 2 hot showers in 2018).

I continue to experience a consistently elevated level of intellectual performance. (Basically, nofap literally makes you smarter). I’ve also, of course, maintained the alpha-male confidence that nofap can give you.

I’d like to preface this last thing by saying that you never want to idolize women or their company. That’s partially why you’re here now. Yes, men are naturally attracted to women, but there’s a whole lot more to live for, so keep it in perspective. HOWEVER, I can say that since starting nofap, the amount of attention I’ve received from the opposite sex has increased dramatically. The neurotic, needy, clingy, (also known as porn/fap-addict beta) male chasing around the hot girl who’s way out of his league is pretty much the societal norm, and the media has convinced most of us that that’s how we’re supposed to behave.

It was never meant to be this way. When you get past about 90 days on nofap, you’ll start finding that the roles are reversed. Multiple girls are clearly competing for your attention, and YOU get to choose one. You aren’t moping around scraping the bottom of the barrel for girls. You’re on top of the world skimming off the best of the best. Or you can just hang around and bask in all the attention you’re getting. Either way, just be careful, because while you’ll surely get a lot of attention from LADIES, you’ll get literally chased around by a lot of bottom of the barrel women who are basically sluts, and they’ll suck your life down the toilet with theirs.

Anyway, girl rant over.

Everyone keep on fighting for your lives. Even if you don’t think its worth it, just trust me, and you’ll soon see it is.

If you keep on relapsing and can’t seem to get out of the yellow badge zone, remember this: I was once in literally exactly the same position. I was starting to think I could never beat this. I was depressed. I just couldn’t win consistently. I have no extraordinary ability that you don’t all have. We all have the power within us to break this cycle. If you keep on trying long enough, you can’t help but succeed.

I’m 18.

Have an awesome night everybody!

LINK – 200 Day Update

By Thesexymountainman



Almost to 90 days. I’m never going back to the old me again. Went to a dance last night and asked a bunch of girls to dance. Felt like a boss. A few months ago I would have been sweating and shaking doing that. I would’ve been looking at the floor with my head down like a whipped puppy trying to ask girls to dance. It feels seriously awesome to look a pretty girl in the eye and watch the reaction.

To be real, I think that most dudes these days are addicted to PMO. When you get clean, you really distance yourself from the pack as far as girls are concerned.

Stay strong everybody! There’s life after PMO, and it’s awesome af!

LINK – Day 85: Never going back

By Thesexymountainman