Age 18 – DE cured, less anxiety, I feel alive, new girlfriend

My Story 6 months ago i broke up with my first girlfriend (not the prettiest), at that time i did PMO at least every day… it was bad, i had DE, I was depressed and had lack of motivation in life. I felt horrible, like something was missing.

I was doing much self improvement and I found this site and read all the good life changing experiences you guys had(props to you all nofappers) and thought i would give the 90 day challenge a try. I went full hard-mode with a goal that i would maybe grow some inches taller, improve myself and get a new girlfriend. That goal really kept me staying grounded in my journey. At the beginning i was incredibly horny, it was hard… but the hornyness fueled me and i found out i could use it in my workouts which really helped a lot.

Basically i went hard-mode for a month and i noticed changes in myself, i started talking to a lot of girls, i got higher confidence, i didn’t feel as much anxiety, i started playing the guitar, started eating healthy, started going to the gym and i started talking with a girl over internet on a app similar to Badoo/tinder. She gave me her number and we started texting/talking on the phone and after some weeks we sat up a date and she came to meet me. And damn, she was hot… this may sound stupid but for the first time in my life i actually just found it entertaining talking to a girl and i didn’t see her as a object i only thought about fucking.

Anyway it went good, we made out but didn’t have time for sex, we liked each other and we sat up a new date. About 3 weeks later i flew up to meet her(we had a long distance relationship). At this time i was in a flatline and it was quite embarrassing and awkward that i couldn’t get it up in the heat of the moment haha. I explained this whole nofap thing to her(my past PMO issues, DE and stuff i had). She was kinda like wtf? when i explained the whole dead dick(flatline) thing to her and that it wasn’t because of her being unattractive, but she understood. Anyway i learned some new techniques that i could compensate with when i was in my flatline.

Im gonna try to cut the story short… After i flew back home i relapsed about 4 weeks later at my streak of day 96 because i was still in flatline and thought something was seriously wrong with me. Which it wasn’t… My brain was just rebooting from all the years i have spent PMO. My hornyness came back, i lost some confidence and motivation but now i had summer vacation from school and my girl came to see me for a week and i had the best sex in my life so far. My DE was cured and i came for the first time through intercourse, it was like a whole new world that opened up to me, it was amazing, i was so happy. And i had such crazy fun experiences with her, we opened up to each other and i felt like we had such a strong connection that Ive never had with anyone before which made me get these intense feelings for her(yeah, kinda lame i know…) and made me get obsessed and needy with the girl. After i came through intercourse a couple of times i got so tired, had grogginess and lost the motivation in life i once had(felt just like a relapse) and when she went home i relapsed big time. I started MO a couple of times daily and got really depressed.

I think most of my depression was because i was going out sailing for 5 weeks(family tradition on summer) and couldn’t bring her along. I also relapsed a couple of times during this period which made me feel worthless and even more depressed. Anyway as i said i became very needy and obsessed with the girl which led to problems during the vacation, we started losing contact, i got mad and i felt like shit this entire time. But to cut the story short… This made me slowly leading the relationship in a downward spiral which led to the breakup we had 2 days ago and now i feel so crushed and depressed. I cant tell you guys how much i actually regret my relapses now, just thinking about it makes me even worse. But hey… You learn from your mistakes in life.

I cant tell you guys how glad i am that i discovered nofap when i was 17(18 now) it completely changed my life. If i hadn’t found out about Nofap im pretty sure i wouldn’t have met this amazing girl and i probably wouldn’t have gone through all these new crazy and fun experiences in life ive had in the last 6 months. I feel like Ive gone through so much and learned a lot, all thanks to nofap! 🙂

Some Of My Benefits I Experienced Through Nofap On My 90 Say Streak * Higher confidence * I Got a new girlfriend that was so much more attractive * Less Anxiety * More Motivation * I started playing guitar and working out * Better social skills * I see life in a different way than before * Better at talking to women * I enjoy being social with both men and women * I appreciate and admire a women’s inner and outer beauty * I take much more initiative / decisions in my life * My DE got cured * Strong eye contact * Less depression * I feel alive * Im happy * Even though i haven’t grown in my height, i dont really care anymore. I accept myself for who i am now. * I feel more alpha / at ease * I enjoy the little things in life * I have new strong feelings i have never felt before in my entire life * I appreciate music * Im aware of my body language(posture etc) * I can express a different variety of feelings when interacting with other people and when im alone with myself.

Right Now Nofap changed my life, without it i wouldn’t be where i am today and i wouldn’t have met this girl or gone through any of these experience in my life that i have in the last couple of months. Im on a 31 day streak now and im starting to get the benefits back and crawling out of depression. I plan on going to 90 days and after that, im planning to keep going forward. Because when i was in my 90 streak i really was having the time of my life! And i strive to get back at the top again cause i felt so incredibly good! And i want you guys the experience what i have. I want you guys to stay strong and reach 90 days and keep going forward so you can experience how good it feels! I know how hard it is, because Ive gone through it, relapse after relapse. But im a human, and if i can so can you!

I encourage you all guys reading this to stay on track and don’t relapse because in the end, everything that you are going to go through and experience during this journey… Is so much worth it!

LINK – How nofap turned my life around(6 months experience story)

by prosplife