Age 18 – Definitely more comfortable talking with people


Finally made it past a year, I’ll answer questions if any of you have some! I’m 18, I mainly wanted to stop for religious reasons and for mental health reasons. [Porn use] worsened a mental issue I was having by a TON. I used porn for probably 2 years, and yes I have seen benefits.

I wrote a couple in an answer to another question. I have been trying to quit for about 3-4 years.

The phases for me are kind of weird because it started out as most of us did, me PMO-ing all the time and then seeing the effect it had on a lot of things in my life, then when I found this community I could always make it about a week or two and then I’d give in, heard about cold showers, all that.

I noticed my progress would kind of go in waves where every now and then it would suddenly be easier to not give in, so I stopped right in that groove and I’ve kept it going since. Bad thing is I would’ve like to have stopped completely sooner, but that’s part of who we are, is how we are able to manage things like this. I didn’t expect to be able to make it this far going cold turkey, thought I would gradually make further and further strides.

My perspective on NoFap has gone from seeing it as a great help and something I will always need, to something that I hopefully will be able to one day move on from, having conquered so much. Perspective on PMO used to be this horrible thing that ruled my life for a little while and something that I couldn’t help, to seeing it as more of a weakness that has been made strong, just a demon that I’ve been in a knock down drag out fight with and I’ve almost won.

I definitely am more comfortable whenever I go places or talk to people that’s for sure. Used to be kind of sheepish around women too, but now I feel more urged to go and say something to them.

My longest streak before this was 64 days. Plans for the future? Not entirely sure of things yet, my motto while on this journey that I’ll probably take with me through the rest of my life is: “One day at a time.” I do plan on living without P or M the rest of my life, without O until I am married lol.

I do feel tempted sometimes. The desire or compulsion has subsided a ton, but the stronger will that I have is more of a factor, without it I would never withstand a temptation without giving in.

I do think it’s better to master one thing at a time, but master the one that will affect the rest positively. Domino effect I guess you could say. One thing also that might help, fill up your time. Nobody is going to PMO in the middle of a room with a ton of people in it or if they’re hanging out with one of their good friends.

Make every shower a cold shower, it builds discipline and willpower.

[My mental health issue was]  was mostly anxiety but as always that brought depression in too. I am for the most part recovered from both now though. =D

LINK – Finally made it past a year, I’ll answer questions if any of you have some!

By primalbaby421