Age 18 – ED & DE cured: The benefits and changes I have experienced in just this short time really took me by surprise


Lately, my life has been a complete turn around from what it was a little over a month ago. It took me lying to my girlfriend for months and her finding out about it to get me to finally grind out my longest streak ever (and still going strong!) Here’s a little background: I am an 18y/o male and I am currently enrolled in a state university. I discovered P and MO at a relatively late age, 13 years old, and I quickly fell into its grasp.

I remember immediately heading to my room after getting home from school to indulge. I continued to PMO 1-3 times a day until I was 17. This is when I discovered something was wrong. I was struggling to get erect with girls (even in the most erotic circumstances). This is when I discovered NoFap.

After stumbling across NoFap, YourBrainonPorn, and other resources I came to the conclusion: PMO was responsible for my sexual performance deficiencies. I began my first streak in late January 2016 and this is when I met my current girlfriend. We hit it off immediately. She is an amazing girl and I cannot manage to put my feelings for her into a reasonable amount of words for this thread.

I managed to make it a few weeks and all was well. Then I relapsed. And I continued to, until one day I could not get aroused with her and I had to explain why. She felt completely betrayed, but was willing to help me with my NoFap journey. So, I started another streak and relapsed. I continued to lie to her about it for over the course of a couple months and then the truth became evident through the return of my PIED. This time she was beyond hurt. Not only did I go behind her back and seek other forms of pleasure, but I broke her trust in an attempt to protect her image of me. She was devastated and we went through a difficult time, but it is what has been the motivation I needed to complete 45 days!!!!

Really, this over two-month streak has not felt that long. Perhaps it was driven by my guilt for what I had done to the girl I love, but nonetheless I’ve made it halfway to 90 days (my goal). If you are someone struggling to get a good streak going or considering attempting NoFap, I strongly advise you to find that motivation to endure. Whatever your excuse to use PMO for is not appropriate. You will find those seconds of artificial satisfaction are nothing compared to the gratification of self-control. You will feel rejuvenated and an appetite for life like none before. And if you are wondering whether you will actually see the stark difference in yourself that everyone in NoFap claims, yes you fuckin’ will. It is incredible what can change in such a short time when you are not sabotaging your own brain.

The benefits and changes I have experienced in just this short time really took me by surprise. The return of your emotions and feelings has to be the most gratifying. When your brain is not constantly being barraged with dopamine highs it gives it a chance to embrace other feelings. I’ve cried and have had bursts of just emotion (not a single one in particular) and it makes you feel so alive. I have more energy. I fell driven and my connection with my significant other has become stronger than I ever thought possible. And yes, your member will return to its full size. I get aroused with my girl so easily now and I do not have to focus or strain to stay hard or finish in less than 20 min. I can just sit back and enjoy.

If you are the person who means well, but just keeps tripping themselves every few yards. You can get back up again and continue your running, but you will fall again. You have to take time to lace up your shoes before you takeoff. What I mean by this is, you can’t start this thing without a motivation or goal. Read the other success stories in here to get some inspiration. Find an accountability partner.

Whatever it is, you can’t just expect yourself to achieve without having that motivation to keep you going when things get difficult (because they will). But once you set yourself up for success and achieve you will never want return to that lifestyle again. Once you get over the first few hurdles though, you cannot let yourself slip. No matter how far you get there will always be temptation, but you are human, you are aware, you are your own person, and you can resist temptation.

LINK – I’m Excited for the Future

by Dench