Age 18 – Enjoying the extra time and mental capacity


I am 18 years of age and a freshman in college. I used porn since I was 13 and decided to quit to see if it would improve my social skills.  It’s been an absolute breeze without any urges past the 30 day mark, and I have done a lot with my life with the extra time and mental capacity. I have been able to focus much more  of my energy on my coursework in college. I have a steady girlfriend.

I have a solid group of friends. I have further developed many of my hobbies such as playing chess and pickup sports.  None of this would’ve been possible if I were sitting in my room jerking it 3 or 4 times a day like I did in high school.

I am at 111 as of today. Since this level is what I and many of you all have been working towards, I thought that I should just check in and give my two cents on what it’s like to make it all the  way here.

All of you have it in you, and good luck on your journeys.

LINK – 100+ Days Check-In

By dagnall