Age 18 – Fake girls aren’t that interesting anymore

I’m not a heavy addict. I don’t have PIED. I just don’t want porn in my life. I want more mening to life than just jerking of to porn all the time. This is my third “long” streak.

I have managed to get to 32 and 54 days before and both times I feel like the first week was the hardest. Well past that, I usually get into my new habits and don’t think of it to much. But when the urges come, they’re tough.

For me, the key to handle the urges haven’t been something like doing push ups or cold showers. The key have been to do things that makes me a stronger person who can say no to the urges instead of giving in. Things that give me a life with value. Fake girls aren’t that interesting anymore, my life is better without them.

I’m also better with girls now. I’m actually not sure that I do anything different I just don’t feel as awkward anymore. Soon I’ll have the courage too ask my crush out. And guys, a month ago I would have never talked voulontarily to a stranger, especially not a female, but now that’s something exciting. Not easy, but exciting!

My tips for anyone who are in my situation is: commit to something else than watching guys fuck girls that you don’t find attractive. Pick up the guitar, train for an Ironman or go hiking with your friends and family. Nothing’s more destructive than fapping to porn!

Life is getting much better!

LINK – Day 30 – good times awaits! (18 yo/m)

by DocDanioso