Age 18 – For the first time in a long time, I’m getting my shit done


I want to share my experience here, because I believe I can share some insight that may help others. If at any time I come across as boasting or arrogant, please forgive me; that’s not my intention. A few months ago, I was an undisciplined wreck.

  • Piles of laundry surrounded my house that I perpetually promised myself I would do but never did.
  • I spent hours playing games on Steam instead of doing my homework.
  • I paid good money every month for a gym membership that I never used.
  • Every little thing that rubbed me the wrong way made me snap; I was constantly angry and frustrated.
  • At night, I sometimes “had” to fap two or three times to fall asleep.
  • I was so addicted to fapping that (and I’m ashamed to say this) I would sometimes even do it when my brother was sleeping in the same room as me.

But none of this was because I fapped too much. No, there was one major cause of the fucked-up wreck that was my life: I didn’t know how to say no to myself. And to many people with an addiction to anything, the problem lies not within the action, but within the ability to regulate that action. Very early on, I learned that if I were to succeed, I had to learn how to say no to that little voice in my head.

There have been studies that have shown delayed gratification can lead to greater happiness and success in life. Here, there is no difference. Nofap may not give you superpowers, but it absolutely will increase the quality of your life. Once you learn how to delay gratification, you will work harder to get what you desire. There is real evidence that supports this, and I’d like to think I stand as a testament to what can really happen when you dedicate yourself to it.

I’ve left behind my previous habits, and I couldn’t be prouder. No longer do I feel the shame of staying home or sneaking off from others to jerk off. No longer do I feel afraid that my family members are hearing me through the thin walls of my house. No longer do I constantly feel tired or upset, seeking the transitory bliss of an orgasm. I finally put that gym membership to good use, and yes, I also somehow now have the energy and the will to do my own laundry too. For the first time in a long time, I’m getting my shit done.

And to everyone viewing this post who feels like giving up, I’m writing this post for you. You are stronger than your primitive urges. You’re a breathing, fighting, ass-kicking machine that can and will get shit done if you can just tell yourself “no.” And one last thing: even if you don’t believe in yourself, I believe in you. This shit’s not easy, but I guarantee you will come out on the other end a much stronger person for your resilience. Thanks for reading.

I’m 18 years old, and I began “needing” to use porn when I was around 13 or 14. I realized I had a problem when I was watching some really nasty shit for the fourth time that day… I came to my senses and thought to myself “what the fuck am I doing right now?” In my disgust, I renounced the habit, and I’ve never looked back.

LINK – In case anybody was thinking about quitting.

by niagapafreven