Age 18 – From shy and home all day to confidently attending a high profile dinner


I know I’m not the first one to tell you guys what NoFap can do. anyways, I want to tell you what I have experienced and what changes I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks mainly because I think it´s f***ing awesome. also, try to look away from my grammatical mistakes 🙂 (I’m not a mother tongue)

So, let´s start this story: I have always been introverted and shy and all those things that make you want to stay at home all day. Since I first visited a therapist I made a couple of improvements. He most importantly showed me other ways and angles to look on things. I started to see the world from a whole different perspective. I don’t have the space and the time to tell you all those tricks and tips but let me put it that way, if you really really really open up to your therapist it helps you a lot to make progress in form of defeating your problems. it not only helps your therapist to understand you better but also gives you the feeling of freedom (at least in my case). just so you guys know that’s where I started at.

though I knew all those things my therapist told my I couldn’t really make much out of it. I simply was to shy. this all changed when I started NoFap. at first I noticed a slight change, to be specific I didn’t care that much anymore about what other people thought of me. as the weeks passed by it only got better. and know I’m here sitting in my room telling you guys what I experienced yesterday.

so yesterday my dad came back from an old-timer rally and his partner didn’t want to come to the final dinner night at the end so he asked me if I would like to join him. hold onto your seat. I said yes. you have to understand what kind of dinner this was (real fancy with three course menu buffet and even the mayor of our city was there (I don’t want to brag about it and I don’t like this clientele but I just want to give you a taste of what I was confronted with)) so to come to the point of this post, I hadn´t have any signs of insecurity or shyness. I went from our table a couple of times to the buffet and the whole time I was pushing my breast out and was feeling confident. I thought that this was amazing because I never really felt that way before.

hope this post wasn´t too long to read but my hands just wouldn´t stop typing 😀

at last I want to underline that I was in therapy for over a year and that I have been clean from fapping for over fourty days. so, I think not all of my `success ‘was caused by NoFap.

The thing I’m most proud about is that I don’t feel compromised anymore in what I’m doing.

It is my first streak and I am eighteen years old

LINK – I´m feeling freaking confident! +why

By Macks_Mustermann