Age 18 – Great year on NoFap, improved confidence–>attractive girlfriend


It was a year ago around this time when I had ceased watching porn and masturbating. It wasn’t my initial intention, but after watching very informative videos and doing research I decided to commit! I knew about NoFap but didn’t really pay attention to it until after I had stopped.

What I’m going to do is discuss in complete honesty my past year without fapping (NoFap) and get into some very important changes.

My confidence definitely improved during this year. I no longer had problems talking to attractive girls, initiating conversation and even taking some risks. I also got my first girlfriend this year! I never thought I could have such an attractive girlfriend, but the increase in confidence definitely helped! That being said, I have been having sex 3-4 times a week which is WAAAY more than when I was watching porn and masturbating. I believe it also has made me a better lover because all my sexual energy is invested into my girlfriend. Any problems with performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, etc.. were gone. It took a little bit, but with NoFap the process took less time for me to overcome. It has also encouraged me to start eating healthier, playing in a band and making new friends. Any sexual energy is re-purposed for other, more beneficial tasks.

The commitment was relatively easy for me. I doubt many guys experience this, but it took many, many months of NoFap until I started to feel an urge again. In the beginning, it was very easy for me but that’s purely a personal experience. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I had made the commitment when I was already well into it for a few weeks. I went on a trip for a period of time, thus I couldn’t masturbate or watch porn. I was planning on it but I watched a youtube video that changed my whole perspective on pornography and I decided to stick with it. The only intense urge I had was when my girlfriend had left town for a couple weeks, but besides that, my year went by with relatively no trouble. THE KEY to staying committed and not “relapsing” is staying away from porn or any erotic material. For me personally, I rely on visuals so without them, its not as hard to fight any urges. As soon as you start viewing porn, you open the door to relapsing. Another key is to keep yourself busy. More times than not, one masturbates when they have nothing better to do, they’re bored or they’re home alone. So by keeping your schedule busy, you can not only get work done but also put more time into hanging out with people, making friends and even meeting girls!

Overall, the past year was extremely positive as a result of NoFap. I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve themselves in all aspects of life. I have a ton of more information on this matter, but nobody wants to read a super long post. So I’m making myself available to any questions or concerns you may have. I promise to answer in 100% complete honesty. Stay strong everyone!

I’m 18 years old. I would say I started watching since I was 12-13. So roughly 4-5 years of porn use.

LINK – One full year, Full and Honest Report

By MrWally182