Age 18 – Greater confidence, I speak more clearly, Start conversations with girls, I give way less fucks about little things


I’m currently on day 60 and it feels awesome! I just started school again and almost all the things that were troubling me until now are gone. If you want motivation to start or continue a streak, read on! Back story: 18, second year of college in France. Fapped daily from age 10. Was into hardcore porn. Virgin. Fantasized about classmates and friends. Unconfident.


  • Confidence
  • I speak more clearly (hint: talk slow and don’t talk often). This is related to increased confidence, not directly to abstinence.
  • My fantasies are pretty much gone

How things improved since school started again:

  • I got the nerve to speak to a very pretty first year and her very pretty friend. Her friend left and we spoke for about 5 minutes. Before, I would have been so paralysed by rejection that I would not have walked up to them.
  • Girls around me start random conversations during class. (girls again, sorry)
  • I’m getting back the rush I had during the first weeks of NoFap.
  • Not directly related to NoFap either, but I give way less fucks about little things, especially other people’s opinions.

Remaining struggles:

  • Still wouldn’t call myself a player, if you see what I mean. But I’m sure I’m gonna find a girlfriend soon 😉
  • Terrified of having a wet dream while sleeping over at a friend’s house or something.
  • Can’t stick to a workout routine
  • Afraid of not lasting long during my first time if I’m on NoFap.

A huge thanks to the community, and good luck to you all, it does work

TL;DR: I’m currently on day 60, it’s good

LINK – Day 60 – Report

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