Age 18 – Happier, more outgoing & confident, I appreciate my SO’s beauty and sex is far more intense

60 days ago I decided that I should take my issues more serious than I have before. Not to simply “brush it off” and let it die on its own.

The urges and everything with it held me and controlled my emotions to act differently and hurtfully to those I love and care for. I decided it’s time to stop.

Without my SO, I would be choosing the wrong path time after time. Without her support in all through this and remaining strong for us, I couldn’t be any more grateful than to have her in my life. She gas done so much for me and showed understanding in my situation.

I’m not gonna lie I had a few urges here and there since day one but I have chosen to take the higher road and evaluate my daily choices and their outcomes. Relapsing always showed inner disappointment and losing self confidence. I always thought about how it felt when I would relapse in the past. It was always the same.

Now the 60 day report:

  • Feel better about myself and others around me.
  • Tend to be more talkative to friends as well as family.
  • Sex is a lot more intense.
  • I appreciate my SO’s beauty and try to remind her of it everyday.
  • Raised self confidence and self determination.
  • Overall happier than where I once was.

So that is my 60 day report. I planned on making a report every 60 days. I wish you all the luck and strength in this journey. See you all in another 60 days!!

Started at 11 and decided to quit at 18. So it’s been a part of my life for pretty much my entire adolescence which I regret.

Good hunting fellow peoples.

LINK – 60 day report.

by osmaburgh


UPDATE – 120 Day Report (22 days late and still kicking it)

Hey sorry for posting so late. So back in Day 60 I posted a report on how I’ve been doing. I detailed my progress and the changes I noticed. So here it goes.

141 Days:

  • Girlfriend said I’m more “present’
  • Smiling a lot
  • General happiness without reason
  • More motivated and be more social
  • Sex life is amazing
  • Positive outlook on myself
  • Boosted self esteem

Overall I find more and more self motivation with each passing day. Life is good and I’m happy. Truly happy.

Anyways, that’s al 🙂