Age 18 – Have I felt these super powers? Hell yeah.

carpe scrotum (grab life by the balls)

This is my fucking life. Yesterday, I finally hit my longest streak of 50 days [after a year of trying].

It felt like just last week I was struggling for like 25 days. I am going to keep my word in writing this for the great people at /r/NoFap. Here are my words.

I’ve been at NoFap for a year. I will not lie and say that it was a struggle. But, here has been the biggest reason for success. After a while, you just don’t feel the urge to relapse or even consider watching porn. You get so far into it that you just can’t turn back. It’s like getting in line when you were a child for a rollercoster. You are at the back of the line. The line is huge. At the beginning, it would be super easy just to leave. The more you are deep into the line the more that is on your shoulders. But, right when you reach the front of the line there is no turning back. Yesterday, I hit 50 days. My honest thought was that “well, I did it, now what?” Two things. I could masturbate and end all of my success and progress. OR, I can man the fuck up and not give up. I have never hit the point and it would all be for nothing if I just masturbated. Fuck that.

Tips for success: The best way, and I have said this so many times in threads is to keep yourself occupied with other proactive things. For me, I was very busy with Cross Country and school. But, I did have free time. When I first started NoFap, I would have easily decided to just masturbate. But, that’s where people make the mistake. You have to keep yourself busy. Start a personal project, create a business, start lifting, PICK UP GIRLS for god’s sake! Anything but masturbate. If you learn to do that, you are in it and there is no coming out. you will come out a better man, stronger, more disciplined, and more confident.

Have I felt these super powers? Hell fucking yeah. But it’s over time that you realize what it has done to you. Some of it is a placebo. You think that if you don’t masturbate WELL I GUESS I CAN JUST TALK TO GIRLS NOW. And it fucking works. You train your mind to realize that you do have the possibility to be confident with yourself. But, after a while, you get these urges to want some sort of sexual pleasure. This is such a good thing. People think that these urges cause masturbation. I say hell no. You use that urge to go out and fuck chicks. Be aggressive, say hi, make plans, and boom you already made it that far. Why not kiss her? Why not live your life with no regrets?

Take your life by the fucking balls and don’t let it make you their bitch. you want to stop masturbating? Okay??? What are you going to do about it? You make shit happen. Go out there and get shit done. Peace and mother fucking love.

LINK – 50 Day Report

by eiqht