Age 18 – Higher self-respect, more confidence, libido, willpower, productivity and approaching women

I’ve been on nofap for about two years now and I like to think of myself as sort of a veteran. I’ve done a little experimenting with all three of these “modes” and I wanted to share my experiences with them.

Caution: I tend to ramble So please excuse me when I do. I’ll go over these in the order which I attempted them.

Hardmode Oh man! This was really HARD to get into. But in the long run, I’m glad I did this first. I kept failing over and over (from 1 day streaks to 2week to 3day…. up and down resets until I eventually reached around 140 days) but THE ENDGAME WAS SO WORTH IT. I usually peaked in 3-4 weeks here before flatlining. BUT THERE’S SO MANY BENEFITS you wouldn’t even imagine if you haven’t tried it.

You’ve heard it all before. It’s probably the reason why many of you started. Increased confidence, Higher libido, more motivation, increased willpower, more work done, more women approaching, more urges to approach women, and most importantly HIGHER SELF-RESPECT which, in my opinion, is the most important ingredient because it lets you not only claim all the other benefits but it also lets you feel like you deserve them and it was AMAZING! After the peak was the flatline and I just had to keep trucking through on that. But once it was over, I was kind of at this point where my social baseline is above normal and I kept improving it over and over… until I relapsed. I peeked at a few photos and it led to a downward spiral.

Nofap – no MO Nofap involves not being able to fap allowing myself to look at porn anyway. WORST. IDEA. EVER. Although I did last 2 and a half weeks (at most) in no MO, I never felt much of the benefits. All I felt was the pressure. I was constantly seeking out porn and I continuously wanted to relapse whenever I saw it. It felt like it was literally ripping me apart just to watch it. I just got more and more frustrated. I eventually just quit doing this from bad results.

Noporn This was much better than no MO but it stilll wasn’t as amazing as hardmode. In noporn, I just let myself fap but never watched porn. It wasn’t a bad deal. I let myself get off to mental fantasies and I was able to interact with girls. I didn’t feel the same urge

The problem is that one fap session leads to the chaser effect and you end up wanting to do it again. This leads to you draining your energy and testosterone. You don’t get that deeper voice or energy boost you get from hardmode so you get lazy. But at the same time, you also seem more relaxed to everyone (though not necessarily more attractive) and you also don’t have the same pent up frustration and energy as you did in hardmode.

This was just a little bit of the experiences I felt when trying these different modes of nofap. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I just turned 18 last month

LINK – Personal Report: Nofap vs. Noporn vs. Hardmode

by ShardShank