Age 18 – Hitting the gym regularly way more confident


I just want to give a quick thank you to everyone in this subreddit. It’s been a wild ride. I had a few run-ins with PIED a couple of years back, but didn’t think much of it until I found NoFap and YBOP.

Also I strongly disliked feeling like I was addicted and had to fap. I used to put time aside for it, like it’s a chore or something. Pretty weird.

Plenty of benifits, but it’s hard to pinpoint which ones were a result of NoFap since I’ve been doing daily cold showers, regular excercise and daily meditation. I’ve definitely overall improved as a person. I’m turning 18 in a couple days!

I’ve been hitting the gym regularly and I feel way more confident. The first couple of weeks I was super productive and driven, but then it faded. Although, I do feel more driven than 90 days ago at least. Nothing life changing, but definitely a lot of improvement.

I am recovered of the addiction, yes. When it comes to ED I didn’t have a big problem really, it could simply be explained by me being anxious(it was a few years back). I’d say you shouldn’t worry about how long you’re going to need. Just get out there and try. Go out and talk to girls if that’s what you want. Don’t push it forward because you may or may not have PIED.

I simply decided not to do it any more. It was just useless and time-wasting. Also I do believe daily meditation has helped.

If I go a long time without having sex I might have a fap, and definitely without porn.

LINK – Hit 90 days today!

By Wilymonius