Age 18 – I feel the best I ever have, confident and strong


Wow this is an amazing feeling. my life has changed drastically over the past 3 months abstaining from pmo and i feel the best i ever have. my problems in life haven’t gone away but i’ve learned to live in the present moment and accept things as they are.

i wish everyone the best of luck on their journey and i hope you can continue to better yourself and prosper as your inner being. the journey never ends but you learn a little more everyday 🙂 good luck guys!

i just turned 18 last week. other benefits i noticed is that i don’t care about other people’s lives ( not in a selfish way ) and what other people think. i’m extremely confident and feel strong. mentally, emotionally and physically.

the reason i started was because i was fed up with feeling like i had no power over myself and i was sick and tired of being scared of girls. that’s what porn does to you man lol. you forget women are just normal people and not a sex object  

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By matto1999