Age 18 – I have much bigger balls – in both ways it can be understood


I’m an 18 years old male, and i’ve been PMOing since I was like 11. It was always a thing that was a good part of the day since the day I discovered it, and it have always been a thing i was excited to do. Before I knew, it just grasped on me and I’ve became addicted to it without even noticing.

Never giving a thought about it’s destructiveness that i can clearly see now, it simply was a part of my life. Like a cancerous limb that had to be cut before infecting my whole body.

I’ve discovered NoFap half of a year ago by an accident. Back then i would never know how helpful not fapping is, so i never tried to do it. After some time i had a school trip to Greece. Because of the people i’ve been in room with, wanking was not feeling really comfortable. The streak had a duration of ten days. Eventually, when i came back home, a relapse have occured – and I felt like shit. Not so long time ago, I’ve begun reading /r/NoFap for real, acknowledging the benefits of it. And now i can say it is hella fucking true.

My streaks achieved five, seven days, but in the end i was just falling on the knees to the urge even the smallest one. Just a second after, i was back in that desperate marathon of dopamine serving. Like in a sinusoid, i felt good, i felt like shit over and over.


I was a really sad person back then, even after discovering nofap. I felt like people hated me, i was giving a tremendous shit about each single thing that was said personally to me also being not really flattering. This made me take really long baths, evaluating every single thing that happened that day. I felt sad, depressed, friendless and totally useless. So one day i’ve decided to read nofap every time i had an urge, because it really helped to take the PMOing out for some time after. It lasted for 10 days. Closely. I was so bold with fapping that i did it whenever and wherever i wanted to. Back then it was the front of my computer with the doors to my room opened. I was looking for that sweet perfert porn somewhere in the web, when my mom walked into my room. Twice. Happily, she didn’t find out what i was doing, but it made my urge just go away. From this time, I realized that every time my urge came, a single distraction can completely DESTROY horniness. I found the perfect way to destroy urges. Distracting the distraction. From then, i didn’t fap once, just by focusing on something else. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING not-naughty could do. To the day 16th i was having urges, but now, this delusive relief is not a part of me.


In my community, talking about masturbation between guys is not a taboo.

I’m really saddened that people treat not masturbating like it was something insane. Back when I’ve been talking about this with my friends, they said that I HAVE TO DO IT, BECAUSE I CAN GET CRAZY and that it’s completely natural and necessary to function properly. Shit, man. Of course it is natural in some way, but also not healthy, when using porn to do it.

Being addicted to masturbation works like a drug addiction. You will cancel stuff you used to enjoy just to kill the withdrawal. And i have to say it’s not even a bit as good as drugs (of course drugs are bad, don’t do drugs). I wish everyone knew the real face of pornography and PMO, but first, they have to be enlightened as everyone here was.


I can now clearly see what is happening with me on the PMO withdrawal. The list seems unbelievable, but i can assure you it’s true. 🙂

  • Kills self-esteem
  • I’ve became significantly more happy about my life and myself
  • I can speak with girls with confidence
  • My language has developed – started to use a bigger pool of words
  • My voice has deepened, or at least it seem to
  • I stopped mirroring other people’s attitude towards me, but rather fill the people with my energy
  • I have much bigger ballsinbothwaysitcanbeunderstood
  • I do things i want to do and i am enjoying them
  • I have a more straight posture
  • A noticable growth in the number of girls that I think I attract
  • No brain fog
  • I laugh much more than i used to
  • My words are heard and being responded

A thing worth mentioning is the way I’m seeing girls now. I fell in love like five times a day. Of course i’m kidding, but it has some truth in it. They are not just girlbuddies now, but also people that i can emotionally attach to.

So yeah, not fapping worked like a charm for me.


  • Being young when deciding on throwing porn and masturbation is the best decision you can make in this time of your life – you are still moody and your hormone levels are changing rapidly so controlling them is a huge advantage
  • Kill urges by using full concentration to focus on something else than porn, for several minutes
  • Avoid sites that might have a NSFW material
  • Go to sleep early. Night is the biggest Fapstronaut’s enemy
  • Find an interest/hobby that is not inside the computer
  • Feel free to discuss this topic and strenghten
  • Don’t grab your dick. Try to avoid that habit.
  • Try not to think about girls in a sexual way, that’s not a good habit at all. Makes you feel
  • Don’t listen to other people saying that not fapping is stupid. If they laugh about it, just fuckhehe themhehe. They don’t know what they’re losing.


This motherfucker that tells you things like these is an urge:

  • Just one peek won’t hurt
  • It’s just 2nd day, so if you fap now you still can do a long streak
  • Oh man come on you deserve it, you had a bad day!
  • You don’t need to NOT FAP! You can do without it!
  • Look dude, porn is right in front and you’re so horny, just do it!

LETTING YOURSELF GET DOWN TO URGES MAKES YOU WEAK AF, try to make healthy goals instead of following the primitive urges like sex.

Please, feel free to ask questions 🙂

TL;DR: Fapping sucks, not fapping is great. But really, read this thing.

ps. Not PMOing works different for everyone. You won’t find out if you don’t try.

I’ve decided to share my story as this community is one of the most lovely and helpful. I thought about giving back to You guys. And if even one guy will get motivated by it, I know he will eventually share that incredible thing that being a fapstronaut is, and the cycle will continue.

LINK – How the NoFap can totally change you for better (or at least how it changed me)

by vjaahl